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DEHYDROCHOLIC ACID (Acidum dehydrocholicum; synonym: Chologonum, Dehychol, Dehydrocholin, Ketocholamic acid, Lactochol, Oxycholin, Procholon, Roladek, Syngachol etc.; GF X) — cholagogue means. 5-beta-Holantrion-3,7,12-ovaya acid, C 24 H 34 O 5  :

Inodorous white crystal powder, bitter taste, is alcohol-soluble, but we will badly dissolve in water.

To. — the most active drug from group bile acids (see). Its action is shown in 10 — 20 min. after intake and continues depending on a dose during 2,5 — 4 hours

of D. to. stimulates formation of dressing gowns, increasing synthesis primary bilious to - t, influences allocation with bile of cholesterol and pigments a little, brakes excretion of a bromsulfalein. Cholagogue effect of D. to. explain with strengthening of straining action in hepatic cells: it increases bilious clearance of water, electrolytes and creatinine and does not change (or reduces) clearance of a bromsulfalein and p-aminogippurata [D. Cook et al., 1954]. Perhaps, D.'s action to. it is caused by its influence on a hemodynamics of a liver (increases a blood stream in a hepatic artery). To. causes reduction of maintenance of a glycogen and increase in contents milk to - you in tissue of a liver due to strengthening of glycolysis. Oppression of glycoclastic processes in a liver leads to suppression of the cholagogue effect caused by drug. To. strengthens a diuresis and has disinfecting effect at infections of a gall bladder and bilious ways.

Apply To. for treatment of cholangites, hron, cholecystitis and hepatitis, the cirrhosis which is followed by ascites. Appoint inside, adult 0,2 — 0,4 g to reception, to children till 1 year of 0,01 — 0,02 g, from 2 to 5 years 0,03 — 0,1 g, from 6 to 12 years 0,2 — 0,25 g 3 times a day.

To. it is contraindicated at the acute inflammatory and sharply expressed dystrophic processes in a liver since it increases load of its cells. At obturatsionny jaundice it is necessary to appoint drug with care.

Form of release: tablets on 0,2 g. Keep in well corked banks from orange glass in the cool, protected from light place.

See also Cholagogue means .

A.S. Saratikov.