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DEHOLING (Decholinum, Biliton, Cholamin, Natrii dehydrocholas, Suprachol) — cholagogue means. Sodium salt dehydrocholic to - you, C 24 H 33 O 3 Na.

Colourless amorphous powder of bitter taste, we will well dissolve in water. Solutions D. have alkalescent reaction.

Has the expressed holeretichesky properties. At intravenous administration of D. increase in biliary secretion occurs in 2 — 3 min. and D. proceeds during 2 — 3 hours Besides, strengthens a diuresis, especially at hypostases of a circulator origin, has disinfecting effect at infections of a gall bladder and bilious ways.

Apply For treatment of cholangites, hron, cholecystitis, hron, hepatitis. Enter into a vein (slowly) once a day, since 5 — 10 ml of 5% of solution (0,25 — 0,5 g); then a dose gradually increase 20% of solution (1 — 2 g) to 5 — 10 ml. Drug is used by 2 — 3 days, then do 2 — a 3-day break.

it is contraindicated at the acute inflammatory and sharply expressed dystrophic processes in a liver. At obturatsionny jaundice drug should be used with care.

Form of release: ampoules on 5 ml of 5 and 20% of solution. Keep in the place protected from light.

See also Dehydrocholic acid , Cholagogue means .

A.S. Saratikov.