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DEGRANOLUM (Degranol; synonym: R-2, BCM, Mannomustin, Mannitol nitrogen mustard; joint venture. And) — antineoplastic means. Dihydrochloride 1,6 of di (beta Aether chloratus) amino-1,6-dezoksimannit.

White well water soluble powder, solutions are easily hydrolyzed, in organic solvents we will not dissolve.

Has ability to brake cellular growth, blocking mitotic division. The mechanism of action of D. is connected with the alkylating properties and ability to react easily with nucleinic to-tami, proteins, enzymes. High sensitivity to D. cells limf have, fabrics therefore D. is applied at a lymphogranulomatosis, hron, leukoses, lympho-and a reticulum cell sarcomatosis, an erythremia, a multiple myeloma and true a polycythemia of Remission are reached in 60 — 70% of cases, however they are short (several months).

The drug is administered intravenously, every other day, in single doses of 50 — 100 mg for adults. Total dose of 0,6 — 1 g. If necessary the course of treatment is repeated with an interval of 3 — 4 months, under careful medical observation and to constants gematol, control.

Is usually well transferred by patients, however a part of patients has a nausea, vomiting, a headache.

D.'s toxicity the smallest in comparison with other chlorethylamines. By the end of a course of treatment oppression of a hemopoiesis is observed. Injuries of marrow from moderate doses are reversible, the immunodepressive effect is expressed poorly. At decrease in number of leukocytes to 3000 or thrombocytes to 100 000 in 1 mkl blood D.'s use stops. At resistant and deep leucio-and thrombocytopenia appoint the haemo stimulating therapy.

Is contraindicated at an aggravation hron, leukoses, the progressing anemization, initial low figures of leukocytes and thrombocytes in peripheral blood.

Form of release: the ampoules containing 50 mg of dry drug. It is stored in the dark place.

See also Antineoplastic means .

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