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DEGLUTITORY NOISE — the sounds heard at auscultation of a gullet or a cardial part of a stomach after a proglatyvaniye of food or water. With the diagnostic purpose listening of G. Highway began to be applied since the end of 19 century. Time of emergence (after swallowing) and duration of the noise listened along chest department of a backbone to the left of a trachea and in a point between a xiphoidal shoot and the left costal arch is estimated. Parallel to a backbone, to the left of a trachea during the passing of food on a gullet the ringing, murmuring noise disappearing below the place of narrowing at strictures of a gullet of various etiology is listened.

Over cardial department of a stomach (to the left of a xiphoidal shoot) at healthy faces it is possible to listen to two noise caused by transition of the swallowed weight from a gullet in a stomach through a cardial opening: the first appears in 1 — 3 sec. after swallowing, the second — in 5 — 8 sec. One of them, a thicket of the second is sometimes listened.

The first gastric noise, on Evalda (Page A. Ewald, 1886) — the noise of a proskakivaniye short hissing arises during the passing of food weight through the diya gaping carat. During the swallowing of firm food, and also small fuild mass the first noise is not listened. The second noise, according to Meltzer (S. Meltzer, 1883) — «noise of pushing through». It arises at pushing through of food masses and air muscular contractions of a lower part of a gullet through not a full opening cardial opening. Advance of liquid to a stomach can be carried out also without active participation of muscles of a gullet thanks to its «injection» in a gullet from an oral cavity under pressure created by muscles of language, an oral cavity and a throat during the swallowing.

At disturbances of passability of a gullet (a spasm, stenoses, disturbances of a vermicular movement of a gullet, disorder of function of a cardial sphincter) time of emergence of G. Highway changes. For diagnosis at diseases of a gullet auscultation of G. Highway is applied only in combination with other methods of a research and independent value has no. For this reason the fonoezofagografiya and a research of soundtracks G. Highway

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V. P. Zhmurkin.