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DEGERIN Jules (Dejerine Joseph Jules, 1849 — 1917) — the French neuropathologist and the anatomist, the member of the French academy of Sciences (since 1908).

Completed medical education in Paris and in 1879 protected dokt, the thesis. Since 1879 the director of clinic in hospital Bisert, since 1901 professor of history of medicine in Parisian un-those, in 1910 — 1917 the department chair of nervous diseases in hospital Salpetriyer (Paris).

The main scientific works of Zh. Dezherin are devoted a wedge, neurology and anatomy of a nervous system. He established (1892) that the so-called verbal blindness is connected with defeat of the center of recognition of words (Dezherin's center) located in an angular crinkle (gyrus angularis) of the left hemisphere, paralysis or an oculogyric spasm — with disturbance of cortical and nuclear ways (see. Look paralysis, spasm ); described (1893) together with J. Sottas a special form of neuritis of children's age (see. Dezherina-Sotta hypertrophic neuritis ), together with L. Th. J. Landouzy — primary form of muscular dystrophy, together with G. of Russia — the syndrome characteristic of defeat of a visual hillock. Are described by it a syndrome false back tabes at diphtheria (1887), a Charcot's syndrome at an obliterating thromboangitis (1896), an alternating bulbar syndrome (paralysis of a hypoglossal nerve on the party of the center and a counterlateral hemiplegia), a thalamic symptom complex at obstruction of a. thalamogeniculata, a symptom complex of defeat of a cranked node (1912). A number of works of Zh. Dezherin is devoted to studying of secondary regenerations of nervous trunks after injury of a cerebral cortex, a pyramidal way, ratios of direct and cross pyramidal bunches, kernels of front horns of a spinal cord. The management written to them «Anatomy of nerve centers» (1895 — 1901), and also the managements «About diseases of a spinal cord» (1902), «A semiology of diseases of a nervous system» (1914), made together with A. Thomas, and the monograph «Functional Manifestations of Psychoneuroses, Their Psychotherapeutic Treatment» (1912) together with E. Gauckler became widely known.

It is awarded the order the Honourable legion.

Works: L’heredite dans les maladies du sys-teme nerveux, P., 1886 (Russian lane, M., 1887); Anatomie des centers nerveux, P., 1901; Traite des maladies de la moelle epiniere, P., 1902 (sovm, with Thomas A.); Les manifestations fonctionelles des psychonevroses, leur traitement par la psychoth6rapie, P., 1911 (sovm, with Gauckler E., Russian lane, M., 1912); Semiologie des affections du systtme nerveux, P., 1914.

Bibliography: Bing R., J. Dejerine, Schweiz. Arch. Neurol. Psychiat., Bd 2, S. 314, 1918; Hallion, J. Dejerine, Rev. Neurol. (Paris), t. 31, p. 216, 1917.