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DEFERENTITIS (deferentitis) — inflammation of a deferent duct. The isolated D. is observed seldom. Usually deferent duct is involved in process at an inflammation of an epididymis, a seed bubble or back department of an urethra. Most often D. is caused by staphylococcus, colibacillus, Proteus, occasionally gonokokky, and is even more rare a mycobacterium of tuberculosis. D.'s emergence is promoted by rough manipulations at a tool research of a bladder, urethra, prostate and seed bubbles, rough sexual intercourse or long sexual excitement, an injury. Defeat, as a rule, unilateral.

The pathological anatomy

Is observed hypostasis of a deferent duct and its walls, desquamation and proliferation of an epithelium with development of the sclerous phenomena up to a stage of narrowing of a gleam and even its full impassability. At D. of a tubercular etiology more expressed changes are found near an appendage (see. Epididymite ).

A clinical picture

Distinguish acute and hron. D. Acute D. is shown by pains in inguinal area, in the field of a scrotum and a crotch, and substantial increase of temperature. Hypostasis and a dermahemia of a scrotum are noted. At a rectal research comes to light painful, reinforced tyazh over a prostate. Because of sharp hypostasis of a channel infringement of a small egg is possible. At hron, tubercular D. chetkoobrazny thickenings of a channel clearly are defined.


At acute D. it is necessary to observe a bed rest, to carry suspenzoriya, to apply heat (the warming compresses, hot-water bottles). At severe pains novocainic blockade of a seed cord is effective (50 — 70 ml of 0,25% of solution of novocaine with an antibiotic), to-ruyu it is necessary to repeat in 3 — 4 days. Appoint antibacterial means taking into account character of flora. After subsiding of the acute inflammatory phenomena it is reasonable to hold physiotherapeutic events: paraffin, ozokerite, a diathermy or an ionophoresis from 2% solution of potassium iodide. At defeat of seed bubbles or a prostate apply microclysters with infusion of a camomile or solution of antipyrine (0,5 — 1 g of antipyrine on 100 ml of warm water). Tubercular D. demands specific therapy.

Surgical intervention — removal of an appendage and channel — can be required at hron, defeats, most often tubercular.

The forecast

the Forecast at nonspecific D. favorable. At bilateral, especially specific, process infertility is quite often observed.


Timely treatment of infectious diseases of an urethra, prostate, and also observance of rules of tool researches of a bladder and urethra.

See also Deferent duct .

Bibliography: The guide to clinical urology, under the editorship of A. Ya. Pytel, page 467, M., 1970.

V. A. Mokhort.