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DEDERLEYN Albert (Doderlein Albert Siegmund Gustav, 1860 — 1941) is the German obstetrician-gynecologist, professor (1893).


Profession of a physician of the beginnings in 1884. Since 1897 managed department of obstetrics and gynecology in Groningen (Holland), and then department of gynecology in Tuebingen. Since 1907 the department chair of gynecology in Munich; since 1910 would head clinic of female diseases in you Rummage (Berlin).

The greatest popularity got its job on studying of flora of a vagina.

In 1887 described the vulval stick (Dederleyn's stick) playing a role in protection of the sexual channel of the woman against pathogenic microbes, developed some methods of obstetric operations (a side section of a pelvic ring at a narrow basin, ekstraperitonealny Cesarean section, etc.). He created big school of obstetricians-gynecologists, left the considerable scientific literary heritage; its many managements and monographs were published repeatedly, some were translated also into Russian.

Works: Spaltpilze in den Lochien des Uterus und der Vagina gesunder und kranker W6-chnerinnen, Arch. Gynak., Bd 31, S. 412, 1887; Das Scheikiensekret und seine Bedeu-tung fiir das Puerperalfieber, Lpz., 1892; Leitfaden fiir den geburtshilflichen Opera-tionskurs, Lpz., 1893, 1962 (Russian lane, Berlin, 1923); Operative Gynakologie, Lpz., 1905, 1924 (sovm, with Kronig B.).

Bibliography: Stoeckel W. Albert Doderlein, Zbl. Gynak., S. 185, 1942; Wagner G. A. Albert Doderlein, Arch. Gynak., Bd 172, S. 1, 1942.