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== DECALCIFICATION in histologic methods of a research == 

(Latin the de-prefix extraction, destruction + calx, calcis lime) — process of removal of salts of lime of the mineralized fabrics (bones, teeth, petrifikat) for the subsequent histologic and their histochemical studying. As a rule, D. make after fixing. Most often apply 5 — 10 — 15% to D. water solution nitric to - you, its spirit solution (Thomas's liquid) is more rare; from organic to - t use 5% of ant and 5% trichloroacetic. Apply also Ebner's mixes (15 ml of HCl ud. weight 1,19; 175 g of NaCl and 1000 ml a dist, waters), Rikhmana — Gelfanda — Hill (100 ml of 90% ant to - you, 80 ml of HCl ud. weight of 1,19 and 820 ml dist, waters) and some other. During the studying of bones of small animals good results are yielded by the fixing and at the same time decalcifying mix «suz» (see. Fixing ). After D.'s end objects shall be carefully washed from to - t. For identification of enzymes for D. solution of ethylene diamine tetraacetate of sodium or buffer mixtures are recommended. For preservation of polysaccharides, in particular a glycogen, it is necessary not only to select fixers and the decalcifying solutions, but also to enter additional stages of processing of fabrics. Process of extraction of lime happens also at electrolytic D.: in a glass vessel with the decalcifying liquid lower electrodes from a platinum or tungsten wire or from coal. Fabric is given to contact with a positive electrode.

See also Histologic methods of a research .

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(Latin the de-prefix extraction, destruction + calx, calcis lime) — loss of calcium a bone tissue in the course of education it and at some patol, states — see. Galisterez , Bone .