DEAN Eugène

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DEAN Eugène (Doyen Eugene Louis, 1859 — 1916) — the French surgeon.

Ended an internship in 1890. In 1895 in Paris opened private surgical clinic and created the surgical school. E. Duayen was engaged in development of questions of surgical treatment of diseases of a stomach, bodies of a basin (including gynecologic). He developed operation of removal of a uterus through a vagina and offered a number of surgical instruments among which the widely adopted rib raspatory, an intestinal press and a dilator gate for a bottom corner of a wound at operations in a cavity of a small pelvis bear his name; for the first time (1898) applied cinema shootings in teaching surgery. Without holding any official post in high fur boots, E. Duayen the activity and engineering mentality exerted impact on development of surgery. He took active part in the international surgical congresses, sections of the International congress in Moscow were the Honorary Chairman ginekol, (1897); on the international congress in Amsterdam made the report (1899).

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