DEACONS Pyotr Ivanovich

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DEACONS Pyotr Ivanovich (1855 — 1908) — the domestic surgeon, the doctor of medicine (1888), professor (1893).

DEACONS Pyotr Ivanovich

Being a student of Medicochirurgical academy, adjoined the narodnichesky movement and conducted revolutionary promotion what it was twice arrested for, and in 1876 it is banished to Velikiy Ustyug; at the beginning russko - the Turkish war (1877 — 1878) it is sent to the front to privates. Having ended in 1879. Medicochirurgical academy, worked as the territorial doctor in the Bolkhovsky County of the Oryol province. In 1880 — 1883 the doctor provincial territorial-tsy in Oryol. In 1884 — 1887 the city health officer in Moscow and at the same time the doctor in eye-tse. Since 1887 the assistant to the prosector Ying-that topographical anatomy and operational surgery Moscow un-that. In 1888 defended the dissertation about statistics of a blindness and some data to an etiology of a blindness among the population of Russia. In 1890 the prosector, and since 1893 the prof. of department of topographical anatomy and operational surgery and at the same time the manager. surgical department of children's clinic un-that, the consultant in Basmannaya-tse. Since 1901 prof. of hospital surgical clinic Moscow un-that.

P. I. Dyakonov published 67 scientific works on various questions of surgery. He developed a way of an intrapleural thoracoplasty (1905), operation of rhinoplasty (1891), altered operation of rhinoplasty using a bone transplant and designed a special knife for this operation (1900); one of first-ever began to do operation of a pneumonectomy (within a share) with preliminary bandaging of elements of a root of a lung (the last years 19 century) and one of the first in Russia — operation of a cholecystectomia; entered the early movements and an early rising of patients in the postoperative period. P. I. Dyakonov published lectures on operational surgery (1901 — 1905) (together with F. A. Rein, N. K. Lysenkov and N. I. Napalkovym) and «Lectures on topographical anatomy and operational surgery» (1908). In 1891 — 1895 edited the Surgical Chronicle magazine. Since 1897 at the initiative of P. I. Dyakonov the Hirurgiya magazine, and since 1903 the collection of «Work of hospital surgical clinic of the prof. P. I. Dyakonov» (until the end of 1908 there were 15 volumes) began to be issued.

He was a member and was repeatedly elected the chairman Hirurgicheskogo about-va in Moscow, consisted the honorary and full member of a row Russian and foreign scientific

about-in, headed organizing committee of the 1st Russian congress of surgeons (1900). At the initiative of P. I. Dyakonov in March, 1906. Surgical about-in expressed a protest against the death penalty, tortures, tortures and repressions.

Works: Statistics of a blindness and some data to an etiology of a blindness among the Russian population, a yew., M., 1888; Bases of an antiparasitic way of treatment of wounds, M., 1900; Lectures of operational surgery, century 1 — 4, M., 1901 — 1905 (sovm, with other); Recovery of the destroyed nose, SPb., 1902; Diseases of a neck, SPb., 1902; General operational surgery, SPb., 1903.

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