DAVIDENKOV Sergey Nikolaevich

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DAVIDENKOV Sergey Nikolaevich (1880 — 1961) — the Soviet neuropathologist, the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1945), the honored worker of science of RSFSR (1934).

DAVIDENKOV Sergey Nikolaevich

Upon termination of in 1904. Moscow un-that would work in the Moscow and Kharkiv zemstvoes. Since 1912 the department chair of nervous diseases in Kharkiv medical in-those, and since 1920 — in Azerbaijani un-those, since 1925 the manager. not y r about genetic department Ying-that occupational diseases of the Butt in Moscow. Since 1932 the department chair of nervous diseases in the Leningrad GIDUV and at the same time the manager. clinic of neurosises of VIEM (1933—1936). During the Great Patriotic War of hl. neuropathologist of the Leningrad front (1942 — 1945).

S. N. Davidenkov is the author of 311 scientific works, including 14 monographs devoted to various questions of theoretical and practical neurology, hereditary diseases and traumatic damages of a nervous system. In dokt, he proved to the thesis (1911) the infektsionnotoksichesky nature of an acute ataxy, in the subsequent revealed quite often observed family nature of this disease and formulated the concept about so-called family vulnerability of coordination (1934). For the first time described (1919) a syndrome gormetoniya (see); a peculiar option of a hyperkinesia — a mezentsefalichesky tic

(1922); various types of a course of epidemic encephalitis (1923); dvukhvolnovy viral encephalomeningitis (1952), and also nevrol, complications of viral flu (1951). In a wedge, the lectures on nervous diseases published in 1956 — 1963 poorly studied sections a wedge, neurology are lit, the analysis of a symptomatology, pathophysiology, pathogeny, treatment and prevention of various diseases of a nervous system is given.

Being guided by I. P. Pavlov's doctrine, S. N. Davidenkov opened a wedge, the importance of types of a nervous system and ratios of functional activity of the first and second alarm systems for understanding patofiziol. mechanisms of a number of organic diseases of a nervous system (an intentsionny spasm, a narcolepsy, options of a writer's cramp, etc.), showed the leading role of mobility of nervous processes in a pathogeny of neurosises, a cataplexy and paroxysmal states at a neurasthenia («short neurosises»).

S. N. Davidenkov is the founder of the Soviet clinical neurogenetics. It for the first time in the USSR organized medicogenetic consultations at Ying-those psychological prevention (1935, Moscow) and-tse of V. I. Lenin (1934, Leningrad). He pointed one of the first to genetic heterogeneity and polymorphism of hereditary diseases and formulated the provision on intensifying influence of the neurotropic genes having similar tropism (a hypothesis of conditional tropism). On the basis of materialistic ideas of variability and heredity S. N. Davidenkov disclosed the general patterns of formation normal and patol, variations of a nervous system and century of N of; allocated new nozol, a form of the progressing muscular dystrophies — scapular pronealnuyu amyotrophy (1928), for the first time described pendular modification of a knee jerk (1921), a dystonic myoclonia (1936), an inborn aglikofagiya (1939), the reflex and combined defeats at wound of peripheral nerves (1944), a peculiar neuritis owing to a frostbite (1944).

Under its management it is executed apprx. 60 theses, including 29 doctor's.

He was an editor of an edition of department «Neurology» in the 1st and 2nd prod. BME and the multivolume work «Experience of the Soviet Medicine in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 — 1945.», the editor-in-chief of the multivolume guide to neurology, the associate editor of «Magazine of neuropathology and psychiatry of

S. S. Korsakov» and «Clinical medicine», the board member Vsesoyuznogo about-va neuropathologists and psychiatrists, the chairman Leningrad about-va neuropathologists and psychiatrists. It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin and the Red Star.

Works: To the doctrine about an acute ataxy Leyden — Vestfalya, a yew., Kharkiv, 1911; Gormetonichesky syndrome, Doctor, business, No. 23, page 801, 1919; Hereditary diseases of a nervous system, M., 1932; Problem of polymorphism of hereditary diseases of a nervous system, L., 1934; Evolyutsionnogenetichesky problems in neuropathology, L., 1947; Clinical lectures on nervous diseases, century 1 — 4, L., 1952 — 1961; Clinic and therapy of progressive muscular atrophies, L., 1954; Epilepsy, Mnogotomn, the management on nevrol., under the editorship of G. N. Davidenkova, t. 6, page 257, L., 1960.

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B. S. Vilensky, E. F. Davidenkova.