DAUGE Pavel Georgiyevich

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DAUGE Pavel Georgiyevich (1869 — 1946) — the Soviet doctor and the revolutionary, one of founders and organizers of the dental help in the USSR, the doctor of medical sciences (1935), professor (1936), the honored worker of culture of the Latvian SSR (1946). The member of the CPSU since 1903.

DAUGE Pavel Georgiyevich

Studied in Dental surgery in-those at Berlin in-those, at the St. Petersburg and Moscow dental surgery schools, passed examination for a rank of the dentist at the Moscow university (1897). Worked as the dentist in Moscow. On the apartment organized an appearance for the Russian and Latvian revolutionaries. In the same place repeatedly there took place meetings of the RSDRP Central Committee Northern bureau. For a meeting with V. I. Lenin left to Switzerland (Lausanne, 1904) and Finland (Kuokkala, 1907). During the first Russian revolution of 1905 — 1907 consisted in literary and lecturing group of the Moscow committee of RSDRP, cooperated in the Bolshevist newspapers «Borba», «Svetoch». In 1907 — 1912 organized the legal edition of works of K. Marx and F. Engels in Moscow. P. G. Dauge was a delegate II and III congresses of the Latvian social democratic Labour Party, the VIII congress of the Communist Party of Latvia, VIII and XV congresses of the CPSU. In 1918 there was the member of board and a manager. a dental surgery subsection Narkomzdrava of RSFSR also headed work on the organization stomatol, the help to the population, improvement stomatol. educations also promoted development of stomatology. On its initiative the All-Russian congress on medical education (1920) accepted recommendations of creation odontol. departments on a medical f-takh of high fur boots and carrying out sanitation of an oral cavity at children.

He participated in the organization State in-that zubovrachevaniya in Moscow (nowadays Moscow medical dental in-t of N. A. Semashko), in Krom founded department of social hygiene and professional pathology of teeth and an oral cavity (1928) and managed it till 1931. In the subsequent the consultant Narkomzdrava of the USSR, and in 1945 — 1946 the research associate Ying-that stories of party at the Central Committee of KP of Latvia.

P. G. Dauge published apprx. 250 scientific works, including a number of monographs on social and political questions, problems of philosophy, an esthetics, history of revolutionary fight, the Organization of health care and the dental help.

P. G. Dauge was a founder of Bulletin of the State Zubovrachevaniye magazine (1922, nowadays the Stomatologiya magazine), one of organizers of the V International dental surgery congress in Berlin (1909), All-Russian (1923) and all-Union odontologichesky congresses (1925, 1928); was a member of Socialist academy (since 1919) and the member of its Presidium (1920 — 1921), the honorary member of the International dental surgery academy of the USA (since 1929), Vienna dental surgery about-va (since 1931).

Works: Philosophy and tactics, M., 1907; About reform of Dental surgery matter in Russia, Izv. Narkomzdrava of RSFSR, No. 9-10, page 11, 1918; About the state organization of the dental surgery help in the republic, in the same place, No. 2-3, page 6, 1919; Social fundamentals of the Soviet stomatology, M., 1933.

Bibliography: Lipovetskaya L. L., P. G. Dauge, M., 1973, bibliogr.; P. G. Dauge is the organizer of the Soviet stomatology, under the editorship of D. A. Kalvelis, Riga, 1971; Semashko N. A. Many-sided personality (P. G. Dauge), Odontol. and stomatol., No. 2, page 7, 1928.

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