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DARSONVALIZATION — method of electrotreatment by an alternating impulse current or electromagnetic field of high frequency. The fr. physiologist is called by name J.-A. D'Arsonvalia , offered a method in 1892 for to lay down. uses. Under this name two actions, diverse on character, on an organism of a method — local and the general are combined by.

At local D. influence separate body parts an alternating impulse current of high frequency (100 — 500 kHz). At the same time there is an irritation of receptors of skin and fabrics high-frequency the electrician the chesky categories which are continuously formed between a glass gas-filled electrode and skin. Intensity of influence can be changed — from the weak categories which are not causing feelings at the patient, to spark, rendering noticeable irritant action on skin or mucous membranes. In a zone of influence excitability of motive and sensitive nervous elements goes down, arterioles and capillaries extend, the tone of venous walls raises, blood circulation both in arterial, and in a venous bed amplifies, exchange processes are stimulated, the trophicity of the subject fabrics improves. As a result pains, paresthesias decrease, the spasm of smooth muscles is liquidated, turgor and elasticity of vascular walls increases.

At the general D. (a synonym an induktoterapiya) influence an organism the weak pulse electromagnetic field of high frequency. Under the influence of the pulse variation electromagnetic field of high frequency in fabrics the loaded their particles are alternately polarized and weak vortex currents therefore there are difficult physical are directed. - chemical transformations in cells, and fabric slightly heat up that exerts sedative impact on c. N of page. These processes can promote decrease in the raised ABP, normalization of a tone of brain vessels, improvement of regulation of exchange processes.


For local D. — a Raynaud's disease of I and II stages, a varicosity of a shin and hemorrhoidal veins, effects of freezing injuries, it is long not healing wounds, anal fissures, neurodermatitises which are followed by an itch, periodontosis of the I—II stage, hron, an ulitis, vasculomotor rhinitis, neuritis of an acoustical nerve, Roth's disease — Berngardta (see. Roth disease ), an angioneurotic stage of stenocardia, proceeding with pains or with trophic and vegetovascular disturbances, neuralgia and neuritis of various etiology. For the general D. — an idiopathic hypertensia of the I—II And stages, functional disturbances of c. N page, climacteric neurosises, sleeplessness.


For local D. — intolerance of influence, hysteria, new growths, diseases of blood, bleeding, an active pulmonary tuberculosis, pregnancy, an idiopathic hypertensia of the III stage, a feverish state. Contraindications for the general D. along with listed above are cardiovascular insufficiency of the I degree, an idiopathic hypertensia of the II B of a stage.


Fig. 1. Device «Spark-1»: 1 — the indicator of power supply voltage; 2 — a pilot lamp; 3 — the handle of the compensator of network with the switch of light; 4 — the regulator of power; 5 — the socket for connection of an electrode; 6 — a gas-filled electrode.
Fig. 2. Device «Whirlwind-1»: 1 — the induction coil («bed»); 2 — the generator.

The lamp device «Spark-1» (fig. 1), design apply to local D. to-rogo it is developed in All-Union research in-those medical instrument making in 1964; during the operation of the device marginal sizes of industrial radio interferences are not exceeded; the device generates electric fluctuations with a frequency of 110 kHz in the form of impulses of a bell-shaped form (see. Impulse current ) with a frequency of their following of 50 Hz. By means of a glass gas-filled electrode these impulses are transferred on the patient. On the front panel there are elements of management, a pilot lamp and the socket for connection of a wire of an electrode. The device figurative can be also operated without the shielding cabin; before inclusion in network its case is grounded.

Local D. is carried out by movement of a glass gas-filled electrode on integuments or a mucous membrane. At band procedures electrodes of the corresponding form enter into perigastriums. During the procedure it is not necessary to touch the patient. Duration of the procedures which are carried out daily or every other day, 5 — 10 min., quantity them on a course to 10 — 15, intensity of influence — to feeling of an easy pricking or heat. Local D.'s combination to other methods of physical therapy, except for a high-frequency electrotherapy is possible. Children local D. can appoint aged more senior than 5 — 6 years.

Use the lamp device «Whirlwind-1» developed in State in-those physical therapy in 1939 and designed in All-Union in-those medical instrument making in 1967 to the general D. The device generates the fading electric fluctuations of the frequency of 440 kHz lasting impulses of 20 — 30 microsec and to 100 Hz with a frequency of their following. The device is powered from the alternating current main. The elements of automatic equipment facilitating work of medical staff are provided in it. The device «Whirlwind-1» (fig. 2) is executed as mobile and consists of two parts: the generator of a floor design on rollers and the induction coil («bed») which is a part of a high-frequency oscillatory contour and a source of magnetic field with magnetic induction about 10 Gs. The coil has folding upper and motionless lower half which are connected among themselves by hinges. Stack the patient on the lower half; an upper half shall be covered. For carrying out to lay down. the general D.'s procedures the shielding cabin is necessary for protection against the radio interferences created by the device. The case of the device shall be grounded.

At the general D. the patient is placed in the induction coil. During the procedure the patient should have no unpleasant feelings. Procedures lasting 10 — 20 min. are carried out every other day; quantity them on a course to 10 — 12. To children the general D. is not applied.

See also Elektrolecheniye .

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