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DARLING Samyuel (Darling Samuel Taylor, 1872 — 1925) — the American parasitologist and the hygienist, the doctor of medicine, professor, honourable doctor Merilendsky un-that (the USA, 1923).


Upon termination of in 1903 medical college in Baltimore the teacher at department of histology and pathology in the same college, at the same time would work as the pathologist in. In 1906 — 1915 in a zone of the Panama Canal was engaged in the organization of fight against yellow fever and malaria. In 1913 — 1914 studied the reasons of high mortality of miners of Transvaal and Southern Rhodesia. In 1915 — ^1918 headed the commission on studying of anemias in Malaya, in Java and on the islands of Fiji. In 1918 — 1920 professor of hygiene and the director a gigabyte. laboratories of medical school São Paulo (Brazil). Since 1921 professor of school of hygiene and health care at un-those J. Gopkins (USA), and since 1922 the director of field laboratory of a research of malaria in the State of Georgia.

In 1906 S. Darling opened the causative agent of histoplasmosis Histoplasma capsulatum, and in 1910 — the activator of a murrina of horses of Trypanosoma hippicum and developed a method of immunoprevention of this disease, revealed a role of mosquitoes of Anopheles albimanus as most important carrier of malaria in tropical America, entered into practice of inspections at malaria definition of a splenic index. Studied an amebiasis, a bartonellosis, a skin leushmaniosis, a typhinia, morphology and biology ankilostomid, distribution of ankilostomidoz; developed a method of mass treatment of ankilostomidoz henopodiyevy oil. Offered a method of a research of excrements on helminths.

S. Darling was a president about-va tropical medicine and the vice-president about-va parasitologists of the USA, the member of a row scientific in the USA, Great Britain, France and Brazil. In memory of it the League of Nations founded the award of Darling awarded for the best works on questions of prevention of infectious diseases.

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