DARKSHEVICH Livery Osipovich

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DARKSHEVICH Livery Osipovich (1858 — 1925) — the Soviet neuropathologist and the neurohistologist, the doctor of medicine (1888), professor (1892).

DARKShEVICh Livery Osipovich

Upon termination of in 1882 medical f-that Moscow un-that till 1887 worked in the Western European laboratories and clinics. Having been returned to Russia, protected dokt, the thesis about the conductor light, irritations from a retina of an eye on a third cranial nerve and it was approved as the privatdozent Moscow un-that. Since 1892 professor of department of nervous diseases Kazan un-that where expanded clinic of nervous diseases, organized at it laboratory and chamber for neurosurgical patients. In 1917 it was elected professor of department of nervous diseases of 1 MSU. L. O. Darkshevich investigated a structure and functions front a dvukholmiya, an epiphysis, back commissure, funiform bodies, kernels of a trunk, the course of optic nerves and other formations of a brain. Its works about primary visual centers, about an innervation of pupils, about reflex amiotrofiya, about back commissure have the greatest value, to a cut it carried from the kernel covered by it. He studied a picture of retrograde regeneration of nerves, described special little bodies of a degeneration. Pointed by one of the first to the syphilitic nature back tabes.

L. O. Darkshevich was among the first researchers epid, encephalitis in our country and considered kozhevnikovsky epilepsy an effect of encephalitis. Some of its works are devoted to neurosises. He is the author of the three-volume guide to neuropathology. Together with V. M. Bekhterev Ob-in created neuropathologists and psychiatrists in Kazan.

Works: About the conductor of photoirritation from a mesh cover of an eye on a third cranial nerve, a yew., M., 1887; The Returned paralysis of a third cranial nerve, M., 1890; Back tabes as syphilitic suffering of a nervous system, the Diary of the Island of doctors at Kazansk. un-those, century 1, page 1, 1895; About so-called retrograde regeneration of peripheral nerve fibrils, Medical obozr., t. 47, January, page 3, 1897; Course of nervous diseases, t. 1-— 3, Kazan, 1904 — 1917; Traumatic neurosis, Kazan, 1916.

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Yu. P. Lisitsyn.