DARBINYAN Tigran Moiseevich

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DARBINYAN Tigran Moiseevich (sort. in 1924) — the Soviet intensivist, the doctor of medical sciences (1962), professor (1963).

DARBINYAN Tigran Moiseevich

Ended Kharkiv medical in-t in 1951. Since 1954 the wedge works in Ying-those surgeries of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences of A. V. Vishnevsky, the intern (till 1957), the research associate, and since 1961 the manager. department of anesthesiology and resuscitation.

T. M. Darbinyan published apprx. 190 scientific works, including 7 monographs devoted to problems of anesthesiology. In dokt, theses (the first in the USSR on anesthesiology) «Anesthesia and a hypothermia at surgical treatment of patients with inborn heart diseases» (1962) he proved use of a method of an artificial hypothermia at heart operations (see. Hypothermia artificial ) with use of the anti-depolarizing muscle relaxants (see. Muscle relaxants ) against the background of a superficial anesthesia. Developing this direction, offered a number of methods of anesthesia at open heart operations in the conditions of regional artificial circulation against the background of the general moderate hypothermia, and also some methods of a regional hypothermia (a cold cardioplegia, a hypothermia of a kidney). He studied fiziol, changes (preferential a hemodynamics and breath) at different types of an anesthesia, gave elektrofiziol, the characteristic on cellular and system anesthetic planes various general anesthetics, specified the mechanism of effect of these anesthetics on various structures of c. N of page. For the first time in the USSR T. M. Darbinyan investigated and applied a number of new means (Propanididum, metoksifluran, Ketaminum, etc.) and methods of anesthesia (e.g., neyroleptanalgeziya), and on their basis — the combined introduction anesthesia, a combination of local anesthesia according to A. V. Vishnevsky with means of the general anesthesia. He took part in creation of a number of models of domestic devices for an anesthesia and artificial ventilation of the lungs.

Under its management 49 dissertations, including 12 doctor's are defended. T. M. Darbinyan is chairman of the board Vsesoyuznogo about-va anesthesiologists and resuscitators (1966), the deputy editor-in-chief of the «Experimental Surgery and Anesthesiology» magazine, the editor-in-chief of the Anesthesiology and Resuscitation magazine (since 1976), the editor-in-chief redotdet «Anesthesiology» in 3 prod. BME, the editor of the first Soviet «Guide (1973) to anesthesiology» and «The guides to clinical resuscitation» (1974), honourable doctor Tuluzsky un-that (1975), the vice-president of the World federation about-in anesthesiologists (1976).

Works: Modern anesthesia and hypothermia in surgery of inborn heart diseases, M., 1964; The Anaesthesia at burned, M., 1965 (sovm, with the Chernyakhovsk F. R.); Regional artificial circulation head, a brain and heart in a heart surgery, M., 1968 (sovm, with other); Neyroleptanalgeziya, M., 1969; Postoperative pulmonary complications, M., 1969 (sovm, with other); Mechanisms of an anesthesia, M., 1972 (sovm, with Golovchinsky V. B.); Premedication, an anesthesia and breath, M., 1973 (sovm, with other).

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