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DARASUN — the balneological low-mountain resort of a forest-steppe zone in the Chita region. One of the large balneological resorts of Siberia and the Far East («the Siberian Kislovodsk»), Is located in 133 km from Chita and in 68 km from. - of the Art. Darasun Transbaikal. at the height of 740 — 760 m above sea-level, in the picturesque valley of the mountain small river Darasunki. The mountains surrounding the resort from three parties are covered with a mixed forest. Mineral sources of the resort are known to local population from 17 century. The name «Darasun» (in Buryat «red water») is caused by the fact that at long-term storage water owing to high content of iron accepts reddish and rusty color. The first constructions in D. appeared in 1811, however the resort began to develop only at the Soviet power.

Resort of Darasun. Sleeping case of sanatorium.

D.'s climate continental. Summer moderately warm (in June average t ° 16 °) with dominance of a sunny weather, winter cold (in January average t ° — 22 °), low-snow, solar. Rainfall one year prior to 400 mm, the greatest number in August (to 100 mm). Duration of sunshine of St. 2500 hours in a year.

The basic to lay down. means — the carbonic ferruterous hydrocarbonate magnesium-calcium waters used for bathtubs, drinking treatment, intestinal washings, vaginal irrigations, inhalations and also for pouring.

Formula of chemical structure of one of sources (well 7/57):

In the resort there are well-planned sanatoria with to lay down. offices, balneol. the case with a balneary on 40 bathtubs, drinking gallery, a verandah for a climatotherapy, aero sunbeds and the beach, terrainkur, an office of psychotherapy etc.

Indications: diseases went. - kish. a path (hron, gastritis, stomach ulcer and a duodenum in a phase of remission, a disease of the operated stomach, hron, colitis and a coloenteritis, functional gastric disturbances and intestines); diseases of a liver and a gall bladder (hron, hepatitis and effects of a viral hepatitis, hron, cholecystitis and a cholangitis, the cholelithiasis which is not demanding an operative measure, dyskinesia of bilious ways); hron, pancreatitis; pathology of cardiovascular system (slow endomyocardites with a circulatory unefficiency of the I stage, heart diseases, hron, coronary heart disease, a hypertension of I and II stages, hypotension).

In more detail indications, and also contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection, table .

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