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DANIYELOPOLOU Danielle (Danielopolu Daniel, 1884 — 1955) — the Romanian therapist and the physiologist, the honorary member of the Romanian Academy of Sciences (1936; since 1948 — Academy of Sciences of the Socialist Republic of Romania).


Got a medical education in Bucharest. Since 1920 professor of therapeutic clinic medical f-that Bucharest un-that. Since 1949 Ying t of normal and pathological physiology of Academy of Sciences of SRR headed. D. Daniyelopolu published apprx. 1200 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to a research of century of N of page, physiology of blood circulation, pharmacodynamics. Offered a technique of treatment of insufficiency of a myocardium fractional doses of strophanthin (1909), edges was generally recognized. Its doctrine is widely known of changes of a tone of century of N of page in general (unlike former ideas of a vagotonia and sympathicotonia). Described visceromotor and clinostatic reflexes, the functional trial based on changes klino-and orthostatic reflexes under the influence of administration of atropine (1922 — 1923); offered a number of new methods of use of medicines taking into account the concept of a nonspecific pharmacodynamics of many substances developed by it at their introduction to an organism. It with sotr. studied also problems of immunity and an allergy, conducted researches on clinic and therapy of diseases of digestive organs, rheumatism, local craw, etc.

Works: MSthodes d’examen du systfcme v6g6-tatif chez l’homme, Bull. m£d. (Paris), t. 37, p. 980, 1923; L’angine de poitrine, pathogenie, traitement of m£dical et chirur-gical, Bucarest, 1924; Role physiologique de of l'adr£naline, de la sympathine et d*acetylcholine, Bucarest, 1940; Le typhus exanthema tique, P., 1941; Schema anatomo-physiologique du systfcme nerveux de la vie of v£g6tative, P., 1944; La digitale et les strophantines, pharmacodynamie th6ra-peutique, P., 1946; Probleme de farmaco-dinamie nespecific&, v. 1 — 2, Bucure§ti, 1954.

Bibliography: David-escu G. Daniel Danielopolu, Bucure^ti, 1967.

Yu. K. Mirotvortsev.