DANILEVSKY Vasily Yakovlevich

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DANILEVSKY Vasily Yakovlevich (1852 — 1939) — the Soviet physiologist, the academician of AN of USSR (1926), the honored worker of science of the Ukrainian SSR.

DANILEVSKY Vasily Yakovlevich

In 1874 ended medical f-t Kharkiv un-that. In K. Ludvig and J.-A. D'Arsonval's laboratories studied influence of asphyxia on a nervous system. In 1883 — 1909 and 1917 — 1921 — professor Kharkiv un-that, and then till 1926 — professor Kharkiv honey, in-that. In 1910 on its initiative it was open Kharkiv women's for medical in-t where he was a director and managed department of physiology. In 1927 organized the Ukrainian scientific research institute of endocrinology and organotherapy where worked until the end of life in Kharkiv.

B. Ya. Danilevsky is an author apprx. 220 scientific works devoted to physiology of a nervous system, and the three-volume textbook on physiology. Still being a student, published a large research about influence of a brain on blood circulation and breath (1874). For the first time in Russia made experiments on registration of the bioelectric phenomena in a brain of a dog (1876), one of the first beginnings to study fiziol, aspects of hypnosis at animals and the person. He saw essence of hypnosis in braking of so-called any reflexes.

In 1884 — 1896 published a series of works on to gemosporidiya (see), including the monograph on comparative parasitology of blood (1888).

It for the first time showed in the monograph that haemo sporidium, parasitizing in erythrocytes, are eurysynusic at different vertebrate animals. These works of V. Ya. Danilevsky served as the proof that the parasites opened by A. Laveran in erythrocytes of the person are causative agents of malaria, and mosquitoes — their carriers.

Works: Researches over influence of a brain on breath and blood circulation. Protocols of meetings of medical section of the Island of pilot sciences at Harkovsk. un-those, page. And, 1875; Researches on physiology of a brain, yew., M., 1876; The Electric phenomena in a head brain, Fiziol, Saturday., under the editorship of A. Danilevsky, Saturday. 2, page 627, Kharkiv, 1891; Physiology of work, Kharkiv, 1927; Textbook of human physiology, Kharkiv, 1929.

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