DANILEVICH Mikhail Georgiyevich

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DANILEVICH Mikhail Georgiyevich (1882 — 1956) — the Soviet infectiologist, professor (1925).

DANILEVICH Mikhail Georgiyevich

In 1910 ended VMA, in 1912 — an internship in the Vyborg nursery-tse, then the intern of the Nikolaev nursery-tsy, the senior doctor of infectious departments-tsy of N. F. Filatov. At the same time the assistant at departments of children's diseases and infectious diseases in the 1st Leningrad medical in-those (1919 — 1925). Since 1925 the manager. Vasileostrovsky infectious nursery-tsey and senior research associate Ying-that protection of motherhood and infancy. In 1934 — 1956 the department chair of children's infections Leningrad pediatric in-that and at the same time (1938 — 1941) department chairs of infectious diseases in the Leningrad GIDUV and the manager. department of children's infections (1945 — 1948) in Research pediatric in-those (nowadays Leningrad scientific research institute of children's infections).

M. G. Danilevich published apprx. 150 scientific works, including 5 monographs devoted to hl. obr. to scarlet fever, diphtheria, measles, whooping cough, dysentery. For the first time in the USSR formulated concept «a cross infection», revealed its genesis and developed kliniko-etiol. classification; studied questions of epidemiology and prevention, and also a role of a cross infection in the reasons of a lethality and decrease in efficiency of hospitalization of children of early age; offered system of prevention of intrahospital (nozokomialny) infections. One of the first in the country revealed efficiency of a seroimmunity of measles. Under its management 56 dissertations, including 3 doctor's are defended.

M. G. Danilevich was board member Leningrad about-va children's doctors and about-va microbiologists, epidemiologists and infectiologists, the organizer of Committee on children's droplet infections (1944) in Leningrad.

Works: Dysentery at children, M., 1925, 1929; Infectious diseases at children, L. — M, 1930; The Problem of diphtheria (Diphtheria and its prevention), M. — L., 1930; Prevention of children's infections, L. — M, 1931; Textbook of infectious diseases, L., 1940; Dysentery — colitis — salmonellosises at children of early age, L., 1949 (edition); Textbook of children's infectious diseases, L., 1949; Acute children's infections, L., 1960.

Bibliography: Kuzmicheva A. G., M. G. Danilevich, Pediatrics, No. 4, page 76, 1975; Mikhail Georgiyevich Danilevich, in the same place, No. 6, page 93, 1956; Nikitina N. A., Kolchanova L. A. and Kuzmicheva A. T., M. G, Danilevich and his role in fight against infectious diseases at children, Works Leningr, pediat, medical in-that, t. 39, page 8, 1966.

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