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DANDY Walter (Dandy Walter Edward, 1886 — 1946) — the American neurosurgeon, the member of the American association of surgeons.

DANDY Walter

Got an education in un-those the State of Missouri and at medical school of J. Hopkins, to-ruyu ended in 1910. Since 1912 the department chair of surgery Harvard un-that.

The main scientific works At. Dandies are devoted to questions experimental and a wedge, to neurosurgery, blood supply and an innervation of a hypophysis, vascular diseases of a brain. Studying questions of circulation of cerebrospinal liquid and hydrocephaly, created a pilot model of occlusal hydrocephaly with various levels of occlusion, offered colourful test for diagnosis of hydrocephaly, and also operation of removal of vascular textures and a ventriculostomy at this disease (see. Hydrocephaly ).

In 1918 — 1919 offered a ventriculopuncture, a pnevmoventrikulografiya and a pneumoencephalography which are considered as one of the main diagnostic methods in neurosurgery. It generalized results of pneumographic researches in monographs about tumors of the third and side ventricles. Offered a number of original elements of operation of total removal of neurinoma of an acoustical nerve, operation of transcranial removal of tumors of an optic nerve and an orbit, modified intradural access to a hypophysis, experimentally developed access to strobiloid gland through a roof of the third ventricle. He paid much attention to studying of vascular diseases of a brain, bonds of vascular anomalies with jacksonian epilepsy (see), was a supporter of active tactics at arterial aneurisms and, in particular, offered cliping of a neck of aneurism, including bandaging of a carotid artery on a neck ineffective operation. In 1944 generalized the experience in the monograph «Intracranial Arterial Aneurisms». U. The dandy — the author of a number of original operations on cranial nerves: retrogasseralny section of a root of a trifacial in a mostomozzhechkovy corner at neuralgia, intracranial section of a hypoglossal nerve at hyperkinesias, crossings of a vestibular portion of an acoustical nerve at Menyer's disease. Its works devoted to treatment of abscesses of a brain by method of punctures, removal of cysts of a transparent partition, pnevmomiyelografiya, experimental epilepsy, etc. are widely known.

Works: Ventriculography following the injection of air into the cerebral ventricles, Ann. Surg., v. 68, p. 5, 1918; Benign tumors in the third ventricle of the brain, Springfield, 1933; Benign, encapsulated tumors in the lateral ventricles of the brain, Baltimore, 1934; Hirnchirurgie, Lpz., 1938; Orbital tumors, N. Y., 1941; Intracranial arterial aneurysms, N. Y., 1944.

Bibliography: Dr. Walter E. Dandy birthday number, Surgery, v. 19, p. 577, 756, 1946; F an i r m a n D. Evolution of neurosurgery through Walter E. Dandy’s work (with bibliography of Dr. Walter E. Dandy), ibid., p. 581.

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