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DANDRUFF (pityriasis capitis) — the defeat of a pilar part of the head which is characterized by education on skin of small scales.

Quite often dandruff is called dry seborrhea (seborrhoea sicca), however it cannot be considered correct as at dandruff there are no hyperplasia and hypersecretion of sebaceous glands, characteristic of seborrhea.

The etiology

P.'s Aetiology is insufficiently clear. A number of researchers considers it as inf. the disease which causative agent is Pityrosporum ovale however its pathogenicity is not proved. It is possible to assume what saprofitiruyushchiya on a pilar part of the head of Pityrosporum ovale under the changed conditions, napr, decrease in bactericidal properties of skin fat, gains pathogenic properties.

Carry to the factors promoting development of dandruff also subnutrition, a lack of vitamins A and group B, hron, diseases, especially diseases went. - kish. a path, overfatigue, psychological frustration, the wrong care of hair (frequent washing, constant wetting of hair water during the combing). The possibility of transfer of a contagium through head brushes, hairbrushes and other objects of care of hair is not excluded.

The clinical picture

Klin, a picture is characterized by emergence in occipitoparietal area or on all pilar part of the head of the sites of a peeling which do not have a clear boundary. Dry grayish-whitish scales easily separate, contaminate hair, skin at the same time is deprived of gloss — pityriasis simplex capitis; more rare scales layered, have a yellowish shade, stick together with each other, keep on skin stronger — pityriasis steatoides capitis.

The diagnosis, treatment, prevention

the Diagnosis does not represent difficulties; differential diagnosis — with seborrhea (see), psoriasis (see).

Apply sulfuric, mercury and salicylic ointments, sulsenovy soap, supersaturated solution of boric acid to treatment. It is recommended to accept inside vitamins A, groups B.

Prevention provides the correct care of hair, use of individual head brushes and hairbrushes, elimination of the reasons promoting emergence of the Item.

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