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DAKKSKY SOLUTION — the complex saline solution containing 5 g of NaCl, 4 g of NaHCO in 1 l of depyrogenized water 3 and 1 g of KCl; it is applied to compensation of losses of water and salts at cholera and according to indications at the food toxicoinfections and acute dysentery which are followed by dehydration and disturbance of electrolytic exchange. In the USSR R. A. Phillips No. 1 solution and Trisol solution is known under names. It is for the first time applied in Dhaka in the cholera center by R. A. Phillips in 1962.

The quantity and speed of injection of D. of river are defined by degree of initial dehydration at the patient. So, if the initial fluid loss exceeds 6 — 7% of body weight, rubles pour in D. intravenously struyno to 100 ml/min., before injection warm up it to t ° 38 — 40 °. After compensation of initial fluid losses and recovery of water-salt balance of D. rubles pour to the patient kapelno in the quantity depending on the volume of the excrements, emetic masses and urine measured for the previous 6 hours and electrolytic composition of blood and acid-base equilibrium. Intravenous injection can continuously continue 3 — 5 days and stops when allocations of the patient gain fecal character and their volume does not exceed 0,5 l for 6 hours, there is no oliguria and volume of the emitted urine considerably exceeds the volume of excrements. In cases of a hyperpotassemia carry out short-term intravenous injection of solution of Phillips No. 2 containing 6 g of NaCl and 4 g of NaHCO 3 in 1 l of depyrogenized water (see. Water depyrogenized ).

To children and elderly people D.'s injection by the river is made with care; it is contraindicated at the dehydration which is followed by metabolic alkalosis (see) and hyperpotassemia (see).

Solution is produced in glass bottles on 400 ml corked by rubber bungs under a running in an aluminum cap. Store at a temperature of 15 — 25 °. Period of validity 1 year.

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