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DACRYADENITIS (dacryoadenitis; Greek dakryon a tear + aden of iron + - itis) — an inflammation of the lacrimal gland. Distinguish acute and chronic D.

the Clinical picture

Fig. 1. Eyes of the person suffering from an acute left-side dacryadenitis: the pseudoptosis of the left century is expressed.
Fig. 2. An eye of the person with increase in a palpebral part of the lacrimal gland at an acute dacryadenitis (the upper eyelid is delayed, the eyeglobe is turned knutr).

Acute. most often arises owing to a metastatic drift of the activator: staphylococcus, streptococcus, pneumococcus, viruses. Often is a complication of other infectious diseases (quinsy, pneumonia, flu, parotitis, measles, scarlet fever, etc.), arises in the contact way, at an inflammation of fabrics of an orbit less often. Process, as a rule, unilateral; bilateral, develops at parotitis. It is shown by pain, a hyperemia, a thickening and omission of an outside half of an upper eyelid (pseudoptosis) because of what the edge of an upper eyelid gets a characteristic S-shaped form (fig. 1). The conjunctiva of an eyeglobe in outside department is edematous and injected. At procrastination of an upper eyelid and the direction of a look of the patient from top to bottom of a knutra the fabiform protrusion of a conjunctiva caused by increase in a century part of the lacrimal gland (fig. 2) is found, the Palpation of gland is sharply painful. The disease can be followed by increase in a parotid gland and fervescence.

Chronic. can be result of acute D. or initially develop at tuberculosis, syphilis, a sarcoidosis, Mikulich's syndrome (see. Mikulich syndrome ). Characteristic of primary hron. Is slow, painless increase in the lacrimal gland. It is possible exophthalmos (see), shift of an eyeglobe. Current high-quality.

The diagnosis

the Diagnosis is made on the basis of characteristic complaints and objective data. The differential diagnosis is carried out with the limited abscess of a century which inflamed chalazion (see), abscess and phlegmon of an orbit.


At acute D. locally warmly, UVCh, a diathermy, inside streptocides and intramusculary antibiotics; at fluctuation — opening.

Treatment hron. Etiological; at a new growth removal of all lacrimal gland through a skin section is shown.

The forecast

At timely carried out treatment recovery at acute D. usually comes during 2 — 3 weeks. Formation of abscess which is opened in a conjunctival sac is possible, is more rare through skin of an upper eyelid. The forecast at hron. Depends on a current of a basic disease.

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A. M. Vodovozov.