D'АРСОНВАЛЬ Jacques-Arsène

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D'АРСОНВАЛЬ Jacques-Arsène (d’Arsonval Jacques-Arseen, 1851 — 1940) — the French physiologist and the physicist, the member of the Parisian academy of Sciences (1894) and French medical academy (1888), one of founders of biophysics.

d'АРСОНВАЛЬ Jacques-Arsène

In 1874 — 1878 worked in K. Bernard's laboratory where protected dokt, the thesis about value of elastic properties of a lung for blood circulation (1877). Since 1882 the director of laboratory of biophysics, and from 1894 to 1930 the head of department of experimental physiology the College de Frans. In 1930 retired and continued researches in especially for it organized laboratory.

Studying action of alternating currents of high frequency (from several tens of thousands to millions of fluctuations a second) on biol, objects, he did not find the visible irritating phenomena during the passing them through tissues of an animal. At the same time, depending on a route of administration and character of these currents, he noted various fiziol, effects. Leaning on these researches, J.-A. D'Arsonval suggested to use (1891) in to lay down. the purposes alternating current of high tension of very small force with the fast-fading high-frequency fluctuations also designed the spark generator (see. Darsonvalization ). These works of J.-A. D'Arsonval were an incitement to development of a high-frequency electrotherapy and biophysics. In elektrofiziol. researches he used the developed H. E. Vvedensky the method of telephonic studying of muscular contraction, entered into practice fiziol, researches a number of valuable devices and devices: a calorimeter, a thermoelectric needle, a galvanometer with a mobile frame, etc.

Works: Recherches theoriques et experimenta-les sur le r61e de l’eiasticite du poumon dans les phenomfcnes de la circulation, P., 1877; Note sur la preparation de l’extrait testiculaire concentre, Arch, physiol, norm. Path., p. 180, 1893; Traite de physique biologique, t. 1—2, P., 1901 — 1903; Effects physiologiques du courants alterna-tifs h haute tension et de grand frequence, P., 1906.'

Bibliography: Piontkovskiy. A. Arsen D'Arsonval, Nature, No. 3, page 87, 1946; Chauvois L. d’Arsonval, une vie — une 6poque, 1851—1940, P., 1945; Delhoume L. De Claude Bernard h d’Arsonval, P., 1939.

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