Carle's PARCh

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Carle's PARCh (Partsch Carl, 1855 — 1932) — the German surgeon-stomatologist. In 1884 ended medical f-t un-that in Breslavle (Wroclaw). Since 1887 the privatdozent on surgery, and from 1896 to 1932 professor Zubovrachebnogo in-that in Breslavle.

K. Parch is the author of the works devoted to damages and diseases of maxillofacial area and an oral cavity. He developed original operations: radectomies; operations for dontogenous cysts of jaws — vesicotomy (Parch of I) and a cystectomy (Parch of II), a number of modifications of operations of an exodontia, surgical treatment nek-ry hron, diseases of maxillofacial area and an oral cavity, napr offered, at an actinomycosis, etc.

Works: Damages and diseases of a mandible, Management prakt. hir., under the editorship of E. von Berginann'ai other, the lane with it., t. 1, page 774, M., 1901; Damages and diseases of an oral cavity, in the same place, page 1009; Chirur-gische Erkrankungen des Mundes und der Kiefer, B., 1912; Kieferkrankheiten, Lpz., 1925 (sovm, with Euler H.); Erkrankungen der Hartgebiete des Mundes, Handb. Zahnheil-kunde, hrsg. v. C. Partsch u. a., Bd 1, S. 1, Miinchen, 1932.

Bibliography: Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Arzte, hrsg. v. I Fischer, Bd 2, S. 1176, B. — Wien, 1933.

A. A. Prokhonchukov.