Carle's EVANG

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Carle's EVANG (Evang Karl, sort. in 1902) — the Norwegian doctor, the figure in the field of public health care.

Got medical education in Oslo (1929), then worked as the doctor, held a position of the CEO of public health care of Norway.

K. Evang — one of active figures of the international health care. He was elected the president of the second World assembly of health care (Rome, 1949), the chairman of Executive committee of WHO, the member of the committee of WHO experts on administration of health care. Scientific works of K. Evanga are devoted to questions of social hygiene, occupational diseases, the organization of health care worldwide. K. Evanga's reports on health care in a number of foreign countries where he visited quality of the head or participant of crews of WHO are renowned.

To. Evang — the honorary member Meditsinskogo about-va Norway, the American Association of public health care, Royal sanitary in-that in London.

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