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CYTOSARUM (Cytosar; synonym: Alexan, Ara-C, Aracytidine, Cytarabine, Cyto-sinarabinosid, etc.; joint venture. A) — antineoplastic means; treats group of antimetabolites of a synthetic origin. l ~ | 3-D-Apa-binofuranoziltsitozin:

C. let's dissolve in water, isotonic solution of sodium chloride, solution of glucose, the phosphatic buffer, 0,9% solution of benzyl alcohol; it is hygroscopic.

Cytostatic action of C. it is connected with its turning into 5-mono-fosfatnukleotid, a cut it is catalyzed by deoksitsitidinkinazy. Nucleotides of C. block polymerases (a DNA polymerase and a RNA-dependent DNA polymerase of oncornaviruses) and join in chains of RNA and DNA. Are most sensitive to C. the cells which are in a S-phase of a mitosis (see). In the cells having low activity of a deoksitsitidinkinaza or high activity of a tsitidindeamina-za, C. it is not activated. Metabolism of C. occurs very quickly — in

5 — 15 min. after single intravenous administration in a high dose. At introduction to spinal channel C. it is deaminized more slowly. In the conditions of long intravenous infusion concentration of C. in blood constantly remains on a high level. In a liver and, perhaps, in kidneys of C. it is deaminized with formation of an inactive metabolite of macaw-binofuranoziluratsila, to-ry it is removed generally with urine during 14 — 24 hours after administration of drug. At intravenous use of 5 — 8% of Cytosarum it is removed in not changed look.

Use of C. it is shown at acute leukoses (the SI.) all types, blast crisis hron. a myeloid leukosis, lymphosarcomas (see L of an imfosar-lump) and a reticulosarcoma (see). Besides, C. in small doses apply to treatment of shingles (see Herpes). As independent remedy at leukoses and gematosarkoma of C. it is ineffective: frequency of remissions does not exceed 25%, from them full no more than 10%. Therefore drug is appointed in a complex with other antineoplastic means, preferential antineoplastic antibiotics (rubomitsin, Adriablastinum); frequency of remissions at the same time increases up to 70 — 80%, from them full more than 50%. C. enter intravenously, subcutaneously and at treatment of neuroleukaemia (see Leukoses) into the spinal canal. For induction of remission of C. apply intravenously by long infusion during 3 — 7, 10 days, in a dose of 2 — 3 mg/kg are more rare. For the supporting treatment of C. appoint subcutaneously, at the same time divide a daily dose into 3 — 4 introductions. Treatment is carried out in a hospital.

The main and most frequent side effect — oppression of a marrowy hemopoiesis, a cut comes to light both in the course of treatment, and 7 — 10 days later and promotes emergence of infectious and hemorrhagic complications. Besides, nausea, vomiting, a diarrhea, an abnormal liver function, thrombophlebitis can be observed.

A contraindication to treatment of C. oppression of a marrowy hemopoiesis is.

Form of release: in the lyophilized look on 100 and 500 mg in bottles. Just before the use contents of a bottle are dissolved in 10 ml of the enclosed solvent. Store in the cold dark place.

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