CYTOHIV Ivan Sergeyevich

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CYTOHIV Ivan Sergeyevich (1876 — 1955) is the Soviet physiologist and the pharmacologist, zasl. scientist

of RSFSR (1940).

In 1903 ended VMA and it was sent to the Warsaw military district where worked as the doctor. Since 1908 the assistant, since 1915 the privatdozent of department of physiology St. Petersburg women's medical in-that (nowadays

the 1st Leningrad medical in-t). In 1911 under the leadership of I. P. Pavlov protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Origin and Formation of Natural Conditioned Reflexes». Since 1917 professor of department of physiology of Tiflissky (nowadays Tbilisi) un-that. From 1919 to 1954 he directed department of pharmacology medical f-that Donskoy un-that (since 1930. Rostov medical in-t).

I. S. Tsitovich is an author apprx. 130 scientific works devoted to development of methodical receptions fiziol. researches (original method of removal of ureters), to questions of physiology of higher nervous activity, digestion, vascular reflexes, hemadens, etc. A specific place in its researches was held by age physiology. The sphere of scientific interests of I. S. Tsitovich included also problems of a pharmacodynamics and industrial toxicology. It executed a cycle of works on receiving medicines of animal origin and from wild-growing herbs, by a technique biol. the analysis of drugs, on toxicology of oil products, nitropaints, on a toksikometriya at the person, etc.

A number of works of I. S. Tsitovich was devoted to a research of balneological resources of the North Caucasus.

And. S. Tsitovich designed the device for sterilization of detritny tubules (for vaccination), the camera for small a lab. animals, the camera-ingalyatory for studying of flying toxicants, etc. He is the author of a number of textbooks, including. «Physiology in experiences», left under I. P. Pavlov's edition.

In 1947 for works in the field of age physiology it was conferred an award of I. P. Pavlov of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Works: About influence of alcohol on department

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