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CYTITONUM (Cytitonum; GFH, joint venture. B) — 0,15% solution of alkaloid of cytisine (Cytisinum). Cytisine contains in many plants this. bean (Leguminosae) and including in seeds of a broom (Cytisus laburnum L.) and thermopsis (Thermopsis lanceolata R. Br.); CnH14ON2:

Cytisine — white or slightly yellowish crystal powder. Let's easily dissolve in water, alcohol, chloroform. Water solutions have alkali reaction; pier. weight (weight) 190,25; g°pl 154 — 157 °.

On pharmakol. cytisine is close to properties to nicotine (see) and to lobeline (see). In small doses exerts the stimulating impact on vegetative a ganglion, in high doses oppresses them. Cytisine excites also N-holinoretseptory of carotid balls and chromaffin cells of adrenal glands in this connection it causes strengthening of breath and increase in the ABP. Stimulation by cytisine of the centers of vagus nerves leads to delay of a rhythm of cordial reductions. Cytisine excites the emetic center in high doses, breath oppresses, causes a cardiac standstill. In comparison with nicotine cytisine is less toxic. The phase of exciting action on vegetative a ganglion, carotid balls and chromaffin tissue of adrenal glands is expressed at cytisine more constantly and is longer, than at nicotine and lobeline.

N-caulophyllin (C12H16ON2) which is found in plants together with cytisine pharmacological is close to it, but is less active.

C. apply sometimes as a stimulator of breath, hl. obr. in cases of a reflex apnoea at operations, injuries, respiratory depression at intoxications, inf. diseases, in the postoperative period, and also at asphyxia of newborns. Enter intravenously adult 0,5 — 1 ml] to children depending on age — from 0,1 to 0,5 ml. The highest doses for adults: one-time 1 ml, daily 3 ml. Before C. applied also to determination of speed of a blood-groove (intravenously entered 0,7 — 1 ml of Cytitonum and defined time from the moment of an injection before emergence of the first deep breath).


of C. it is contraindicated at the expressed atherosclerosis and arterial hypertension, bleedings from large vessels, a fluid lungs.

Form of release: in ampoules on

1 ml. Storage: in the place protected from light.

C. is also a part of the tablets «Tabeks» applied to simplification of disaccustoming from smoking. For this purpose appoint on 1 tablet of 5 times a day in the beginning. Further the dose is reduced to 1 — 2 tablets a day. At the persons taking this pill during the smoking unpleasant feelings develop. Duration of use of the tablets «Tabeks» makes 20 — 25 days.

M. D. Mashkovsky.