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CYSTENAL (Cystenal) — the means promoting removal of uric concrements. The complex drug containing tincture of a root of a madder tinctorial (Rubia tinctorum L.) 0,093 g, magnesium of salicylate of 0,14 g, essential oils of 5,75 g, alcohol of ethyl 0,8 g and luccu oil to

10 g.

Existence in C. tinctures of a madder tinctorial (see. Medicinal plants), containing organic to - you (lemon, apple, wine), sugar, pectic substances, proteins, anthraquinone glycosides (alizarine, rubiadin, munyistin, etc.), cause spasmolytic and moderate diuretic effect of drug, promotes a loosening of the uric concrements containing calcium phosphate and magnesium phosphate. Besides, C. causes relaxation of unstriated muscles of ureters, facilitating passing of the small concrements containing phosphates, oxalates and urates.

C. apply at an urolithiasis. Appoint inside 3 — 4 drops on a piece of sugar in 30 min. prior to food. At renal colic use once 20 drops. For the purpose of stopping of frequent attacks of renal colic of C. appoint 10 drops 3 times a day.

Side effect of C. it is shown generally by heartburn. In these cases it is reasonable to accept it in time or after food. C. can also cause coloring of urine in reddish color.

It is contraindicated at acute and hron. the glomerulonephritis, renal failures caused by an urolithiasis at a peptic ulcer of a stomach.

Form of release: bottles on 10 ml.

V. P. Fisenko.