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TsISTAMYN (Cystaminum) — ra-dioprotektorny means. In medical practice it is used in the form of Cystaminum of dihydrochloride (Cystamini dihydrochloridum; synonym of Cystinamin). An encore - (r-aminoethyl) - a disulfide dihydrochloride; C4H12N2S2 * 2HC1:

White or yellowish powder, we will easily dissolve in water with formation of muddy solutions. It is a little alcohol-soluble.

In the chemical relation treats connections of an aminothiol row. Like a merkamin (see) and to other connections of this row possesses radio protective action at beam influence and increases resistance of an organism to ionizing radiation (see). Duration of ra-diozashchitny effect at a single dose of drug apprx. the 5th hour. Mechanism of action of C. it is not found out. It is possible that radio tire-tread properties C. and other connections of an aminothiol row are caused by their ability to change intracellular balance between free and connected SH groups.

In high doses of C. has moderately expressed hypotensive effect. Has also antidiuretic, antiinflammatory and glycoclastic properties. The most considerable decrease in level of a glycogen under the influence of C. occurs in a liver. In skeletal muscles the level of a glycogen decreases to a lesser extent, and in a myocardium practically does not change.

At poisoning with nitrites and other metgemoglobinobrazuyushchy substances C. has ability to recover a methemoglobin. Besides, C. lowers toxicity of tsitostatik and it is effective at poisonings with mercury.

C. it is rather easily soaked up from went. - kish. a path and in the maximum concentration collects in blood in 40-— 60 min. after intake. In the greatest numbers of C. collects in a thyroid gland, a liver, kidneys, marrow, adrenal glands and a spleen. Its contents in a myocardium, skeletal muscles and a brain below, than in a blood plasma. In an organism of C. the measure mine, having the radioprotector-nymi properties is metabolized with education pharmacological active. The hl is removed. obr. with urine in not changed look and in the form of metabolites.

Apply C. for prevention of beam damages at radiation therapy (see). Appoint inside in 1 hour prior to radiation in daily doses from 0,2 to 0,8 g. Drug is used daily during all course of radiation therapy. At the developed beam damages of C. it is inefficient.

Side effect of C. it is shown by nausea, heartburn, pains in a stomach. At use of C. at patients with an idiopathic hypertensia the expressed decrease in the ABP can be noted.

It is contraindicated at acute diseases went. - kish. path, acute cardiovascular insufficiency and abnormal liver functions.

Form of release: tablets on 0,2 and 0,4 g. Storage: in the dry, protected from light place.

See also Radioprotectors.

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