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CYCLOSPORINE A (a synonym sandim-mun) — immunodepressive drug; the polypeptide consisting of 11 amino acids. It is applied at transplantation of various bodies for suppression of transplant immunity (see Immunity transplant).

Cyclosporine A is appointed, as a rule, in combination with traditional immunodepressive substances (see) — corticosteroids and cytostatics. Administration of cyclosporine A in a complex of means of an immunotherapy (see) allows to apply corticosteroids in much smaller doses and by that it is essential to reduce percent of the side effects caused by them — infectious and purulent complications, steroid diabetes, steroid pancreatitis, etc. Implementation of cyclosporine A in a wedge, practice gave the chance to improve the result of organ transplantation, and also to make organ transplantation, in particular kidneys, to persons, the Crimea earlier this operation was contraindicated, napr, to patients with a diabetic nephropathy, an aseptic osteodystrophy.

The drug is administered inside and intravenously. During operation and within the first days after it cyclosporine A is entered intravenously, and then patients are transferred to oral administration. Selection of a dose of drug is carried out under control of its content in blood.

Cyclosporine has nek-ry side effects, the most frequent of to-rykh are nephrotoxic and hepatotoxic. At their development the dose of drug is reduced or drug is cancelled.

V. A. Goryaynov.