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TsIKLAMYD [Cyclamidum; synonym: Agliral, Diaboral «Erba», Griroxil (P)] — gipoglikemiziruyushchy means from group of derivatives sul-fanit urea: N-(tg-marked bin zo l -

with ulfonit) - N '-tsik l about geks of l to urine of wine:

The white crystal powder deprived of a smell and taste, water-insoluble, but alcohol-soluble.

C. along with Butamidum (see), bu-karbany (see) and Chlorproramidum (see) carry to drugs of a suljfa-nilmochevina (see) so-called old, or the first, generation, i.e. received till 1968. Believe that the mechanism of action of C., as well as other drugs of sulfanylurea, consists in activation (3 cells of the in-sulyarny device of a pancreas (see).

On pharmakol. to properties C. it is close to Butamidum, but is less toxic and possesses more expressed anti-diabetic action (see a diabetes mellitus). Like Butamidum and unlike a bukarban, C. has no antibacterial activity. Drug is quickly soaked up and slowly removed from an organism, not acetylated.

Like other drugs of group of sulfanylurea, C. preferential appoint to persons 35 years with non-insulin-dependent type of a diabetes mellitus are aged more senior. C. accept inside in 30 — 40 min. after food. Duration of effect of drug of 12 hours, therefore C. appoint 2 times a day. Decrease in concentration of glucose in blood mark out in 1 hour after reception Ts. Doza select individually taking into account disease severity and efficiency of treatment. The initial dose usually makes 2 g a day (in two steps — in the morning and in the evening). At unsharply expressed hyperglycemia (see) treatment it is possible to begin with 1 g of drug with the subsequent increase in a dose at insufficient efficiency of treatment. It is more than 2 g of Cyclamidum to appoint inexpedient since it does not cause essential increase in hypo-glikemiziruyushchego effect of drug, but increases its toxic action. The maximum hypo-glikemiziruyushchy effect develops in 2 — 3 weeks (more rare in 1 week) after an initiation of treatment. In process of normalization of content of glucose in blood a dose of C. reduce to 1 g in the morning and 0,5 g in the evening. At preservation of good indicators of content of glucose in blood in 2 — 3 weeks a dose of C.

2 times a day and further — to 0,25 g 2 times a day can be lowered to 0,5 g.

Occasionally at use of C., as well as other drugs of sulfanylurea, thrombocytopenia, the general and skin allergic reactions can be noted a leukopenia (sometimes an agranulocytosis) (usually — a small tortoiseshell), a hepatopathy, a narusha

a niya from outside went. - kish. path. In this regard at treatment of C. it is necessary to do monthly the general wedge, blood test with calculation of number of thrombocytes, in necessary cases appoint the drugs stimulating a leukopoiesis at allergic reactions — antigista-

mine means and drugs of calcium.

Contraindications to use of C. severe forms of a diabetes mellitus with tendency to ketoacidosis, coma and preko-matozny states, pregnancy, a lactation, operative measures, acute inf are. diseases, abnormal liver function and kidneys, leukopenia, granulocytopenia, allergic reactions to sulfanamide drugs.

Form of release: tablets on 0,25 g; storage: in

the place protected from light; joint venture. B.

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