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TsIAMYD (Cyamidum; synonym: Suap-amid, Temposil, etc.; joint venture. B) — means for treatment of alcoholism. Drug consists of mix of calcium cyanamide and lemon to - you.

On pharmakol. to properties and the mechanism of action it is close to Teturamum (see). Like Teturamum breaks metabolism of alcohol at a stage of acetic aldehyde by oppression of activity of enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase. However unlike Teturamum of C. blocks this enzyme reversibly. Recovery of activity aldehyde dehydrogenase after interaction with C. occurs approximately in

24 hours. The maximum oppressing effect of drug concerning enzyme develops in 2 hours. Unlike Teturamum of C. does not influence activity of a dopamine-r-hydroxylase. At alcohol intake against the background of action of C. there is a reaction similar so-called Antabusum-alcohol-ache the reaction (see Teturamum) developing at alcohol intake against the background of action of Teturamum. However at use of C. this reaction is less expressed, than at use of Teturamum.

C. as well as Teturamum, is used at treatment of alcoholism. Drug is appointed inside on 1 tablet by 2 times a day. In 5 — 6 days after the beginning of administration of drug carry out test. For this purpose in 4 hours after reception of 1 tablet C. the patient is given 20 — 40 ml of alcoholic drink (usually vodka) that Antabusum - alcoholic reaction leads to development.

C. Teturamum — is contraindicated in the same cases, as at a serious endocrine illness (a diabetes mellitus, a thyrotoxicosis), diseases of cardiovascular system, an active pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, glaucoma, epilepsy.

Form of release: tablets on 0,1 g containing 0,05 g of calcium cyanamide.

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