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CURING — processing of rubber, at Krom its hardness, elasticity increase. Century long time it was applied in prosthetic dentistry to production of rubber bases of removable dentures, maxillofacial prostheses, bases of prostheses with a soft lining.

In most cases V. carry out by accession to rubber of elemental sulfur; at the same time intermolecular bonds are carried out through sulfur atoms. Properties of the turning-out product depend on amount of sulfur: at 0,5 — 5% of sulfur soft cured stock turns out, at 30 — 35% — firm. It was carried out in special devices century — the vulcanizers representing a thick-walled copper with an airtight cover, usually at t ° 160 — 165 ° and under the pressure of 6 — 6,5 atm.

Due to the broad use of plasts to production of dentures of V. of rubber in stomatology practically it is not applied any more.

See also Dentures .

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