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CULTURES — the balneological low-mountain resort in 290 km to 3. from Khabarovsk. Kuldur, in spurs of Bureya Range of Small Hingan at the height of 365 m is located in the picturesque valley of river above sea-level.

the Sleeping case of sanatorium in Kuldure.

The hills (height of 1000 m) covered with the woods surrounding the valley where there is a resort protect it from winds. Hot springs To. are known from the second half of 19 century, broad development of the resort began since 1924. Climate monsoonal. Summer warm (average monthly air temperature in July 18 °), winter cold (average monthly temperature of January — 27 °, in separate days reaches — 40 °). Very big daily temperature variations. Osadkov drops out 710 mm a year, is preferential in the summer. Relative humidity in the summer to 80%, often cloudy. The main to lay down. a factor — thermal (t ° 72 °), alkaline nitric siliceous fluoric hloridno-hydrocarbonate sodium water, with a mineralization of 0,42 g/l. Formula of chemical composition of water:

Mineral water after cooling is applied in the form of bathtubs, flourishes, irrigations and drinking treatment. There are two balnearies, shower departments, the pool, ingalyatory, an aero sunbed, offices of physical therapy, LFK, massage, etc. The sanatorium for adults with special department for parents with children functions. Out-patient treatment of patients is organized.

Indications for the direction to the resort: for adults — a disease of a musculoskeletal system, a peripheral nervous system, gynecologic; for children — a disease of joints.

In detail indications and contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection, table .

It must be kept in mind that owing to considerable daily temperature drops in To. the direction there of the patients suffering from the expressed meteopatichesky reactions is inexpedient.

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H. M. Starikov.