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CRYOTHERAPY (grech kryos cold + therapeia treatment) — use of low temperatures for cooling of fabrics, bodies or all organism for the purpose of medical influence at pathological processes. A theoretical basis To. the cryobiology — the doctrine about influence of low temperatures on various biol, objects and processes is. The term «cryotherapy» understood in a broad sense includes a hypothermia (see. Hypothermia artificial ) — decrease in temperature of a human body by means of the general or local cooling for the purpose of decrease in reactivity of an organism and its metabolic requirements at extreme influences (difficult surgeries, a craniocereberal injury etc.), and also a cryolysis — destruction patol, the centers as on the surface of a human body (on skin and mucous membranes), and in the depth of bodies and fabrics by means of local freezing (see. Cryosurgery ).

Bibliography: See bibliogr, to St. Cryosurgery .

E. I. Kandel.