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CRUZ Osvaldo (Cruz Oswaldo, 1872 — 1917) — the Brazilian parasitologist and the microbiologist.

Osvaldo's KRUS

In 1892 ended medical f-t un-that in Rio de Janeiro, then specialized on bacteriology in it un-those. Since 1896 several years worked in Ying-those Pasteur in Paris under the leadership of L. Pasteur and I. I. Mechnikov. After homecoming it was appointed in 1903 the CEO of public health department, and from 1908 to 1917 was the director Ying-that tropical diseases in Rio de Janeiro, his name was appropriated afterwards to Krom. Ying t was the center of research work in the field of parasitology, bacteriology, epidemiology, training of parasitologists and epidemiologists not only for Brazil, but also for some other countries South America. In the scientific relation O. Crous is especially known for works on studying of carriers of causative agents of yellow fever in Brazil. Suspecting that as carriers of yellow fever serve mosquitoes of the sort Aedes, he organized fight against them, and by 1912 this disease was completely liquidated in Rio de Janeiro. Under the leadership of O. Crous also broad events for fight against plague, malaria and other local diseases in the country were held. With 1903 Ying t issues the Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz magazine.

Also the causative agent of the American trypanosomiasis is called by his name (see. Trypanosomiasis ) — Trypanosoma cruzi.

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