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CRUVELIE Jean (Cruveilhier Jean, 1791 — 1874) — the French anatomist, the clinical physician and the pathologist, the doctor of medicine (1816), professor. In 1810 Zh. Kryuvelye arrived on medical f-t in Paris, having become the pupil Mr. Dyupyuitrena. In 1816 was entitled the doctor of medicine for the thesis, in a cut offered new pathoanatomical classification of diseases. Since 1823 Zh. Kryuvelye is extraordinary professor of surgery in Montpellier, in 1825 the prof. of anatomy, and since 1836 throughout St. 30 years — the prof. patol, anatomy in Paris.

The pathoanatomical description and allocation in an independent nozol, a form of the stomach ulcer developing in his opinion, on the soil hron, gastritis (1829 — 1838), and also the syndrome which is characterized by not fusion of an umbilical vein is connected with a name of Jean Cruvelie (see. Kryuvelye-Baumgarten syndrome ). In 1829 and 1842 its work «Pathological Anatomy of a Human Body» with the atlas including more than 200 drawings was published.

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