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CRUSHING POINTS — the enterprises for slaughter of the cattle, cutting of hulks p to roughing-out of products of slaughter, organized in small settlements out of a zone of activity of meat-processing plants or at large livestock complexes. At. the item, being branches of m I about an eye of m and N and t about in (with m), give them help during a season of mass slaughter of the cattle. On them it is carried out vt. - a dignity. survey of animals before slaughter and the subsequent survey of meat and products of slaughter (see Veterinary sanitary inspection). At. items exclude unqualified slaughter of the cattle, slaughter without vt. and dignity. supervision also allow to use in full in production blood, intestinal, endocrine and fermental and special raw materials, invaluable products of slaughter, and also nonfood proteinaceous waste. In development of a postanovle-leniye May (1982) Plenums of the Central Committee of the CPSU the decision on construction in raw zones highly by m e x and N both z and r about in and N of N y x 11 r e d p r is made and I am t and y on processing of the cattle (crushing points) of meat with power from 5 to 20 t in change.

At. the item shall be placed outside a residential zone in relation to the housing estate alee. The sanitary protection zone (see) between it and other buildings shall make not less than 500 m. The best soil in the territory At. and. consider dense gravel and dry blends, and also dry loams; the area shall be equal.

Standard project U. the item is provided existence of rooms for slaughter of the cattle and cutting of hulks, processings of an offal, processings of guts, fatty products, processings of skins, developments of technical products, the refrigerator, the room of veterinary supervision and carrying out to a trichina of l of l of wasps of the copy. II roiz-in about d with t of veins of N y e p about l of i e shche and 11 I about about r at d at yu t special drains for removal of washing waters in the sewerage or in the refuse receivers convenient for cleaning and disinfection. Floors — cement or j tsshentno-betonn ye 20 — 40 mm thick. Panels of walls on height to 1,8 m revet with a tile or paint oil kras-sky. It is impossible to apply the paints containing harmful impurity (basic carbonate white lead, minium, etc.).

Tekhnol. the equipment and stock At. l. shall be made of easily purified materials which are not exerting an adverse effect on foodstuff.

Slaughter of the cattle of news Agency U. and. it is carried out under control vt. personnel with observance vt. - a dignity. and gigabyte. governed.

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