CROLLES Mikhail Borisovich

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CROLLES Mikhail Borisovich (1879 — 1939) — the Soviet neuropathologist, the member correspondent of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1939), the academician of AN of BSSR (1931). Chl. The CPSU since 1930.

CROLLES Mikhail Borisovich

In 1901 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that; since 1904 was on improvement in a number of clinics of Western Europe. In 1906 — 1924 worked in Moscow under the direction of L. S. Minor. In 1918 protected dokt, the thesis on a subject «Materials for studying apraxia). In 1921 organized medical f-t in Belarusian un-those in Minsk; since 1923 the department chair of nervous diseases of it f-that. Since 1930 the department chair of nervous diseases of the 2nd MMI, along with 1933 the director of clinic of nervous diseases of VIEM was the director Minsk medical in-that, and since 1932.

M. B. Crolles published St. 120 scientific works on questions of localization of functions, aphasias, apraxias and agnosias. He pointed to close interrelation of functions of a gnozis, praksis and speech, gave new ideas of synergy and tonic reflexes, of repercussion, chronaxia; was engaged also in studying of defeat of a nervous system at some infections (rage, a sapropyra, leprosy). In 1937 — 1938 was a participant of an expedition on studying of a disease new at that time — taiga encephalitis.

On the basis of the scientific observations and a wedge, experience he wrote the monograph «Neuropathological Syndromes» (1933 and 1936) translated on it. and isp. languages and republished posthumously under edition and with additions E. A. Fedorova (1966).

Together with M. S. Margulies and N. I. Grashchenkov he wrote the textbook of nervous diseases published three times.

M. B. Crolles was one of attending physicians of V. I. Lenin.

It was the deputy chairman of Academic medical council Narkomzdrava of Belarus, and then Narkomzdrava the USSR; was the chairman of the board Vsesoyuznogo about-va neuropathologists and psychiatrists; editor-in-chief of the Neuropathology and Psychiatry magazine, editor of editorial department «Neurology, neuropathology, psychiatry, psychology» of 1 prod. BME.

Works: To clinic and topical diagnosis of afazichesky and apraktichesky frustration, Zhurn, neuropath, and psikhiat., t. 11, book 5-6, page 671, 1911; Klinische Studien iiber Sy-nergiereflexe der unteren Extremitaten (reflexes de defense), Z. ges. Neurol. Psychiat., Bd 26, S. 438, 1914; Magnus de Kleyn-sche Tonusreflexe bei Nervenkrankheiten, ibid., Bd 94, S. 462, 1925; Tonic reflexes at hyperkinesias, Kazansk, medical zhurn., No. 6-7, page 686, 1927; Neuropathological syndromes, Kharkiv — Kiev, 1933, M. — L., 1936; Flecktyphus des Zentralne-rvensystems, Handb. Neurol., hrsg. v. O. Bumke u. O. Foerster, Bd 12, S. 33, B., 1935; The Textbook of nervous diseases, M. — L., 1939 (sovm, with other); Guide to neurology, t. 1 — 5, M. — L., 1940 — 1941 (bus of a number of hl. and an edition sovm, with other); The Main neuropathological syndromes, M., 1966 (sovm, from Fedorova E. A.).

Bibliography: Markov D. A. and And N from ares I. A. Mikhail Borisovich Crolles (1879 — 1939), Zdravookhr. Belarus, No. 5, page 62, 1972; Propper-Grashchenkov N. I., M. B. Crolles (1879 — 1939), Vestn. Academy of Sciences of the USSR, No. 8-9, page 171, 1939.

V. V. Mikheyev.