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CREATINEMIA (creatine + Greek haima blood) — the content of creatine in blood. In whole blood of the adult concentration creatine (see) normal makes 2 — 4 mg of %, in plasma — 1,0 — 1,5 mg of %. There are various methods of definition of creatine in blood serum (colorimetry using orthonitrobenzaldehyde, definition by means of a kreatinfosfokinaza, etc.). The way of definition of creatine by its transformation into creatinine, similar to its definition is most widespread in urine (see. Jaffe reaction ).

Distinguish exogenous and endogenous creatine. The first comes to an organism with food proteinaceous products (meat, fish, etc.), and the second is synthesized in a liver and transported in muscles where it is a necessary component of phosphorylation of adipic nucleotides. Increase in level of creatine of blood (hypercreatinemia) is observed as at excess receipt it with food, and at the states which are followed by disturbances of exchange or release of endogenous creatine — at diseases of muscular system, at intestinal impassability, damages of a liver, nephrite, a pseudorheumatism, a diabetes mellitus, a hyperthyroidism, an addisonovy disease, an acromegalia, Itsenko's syndrome — Cushing, at cardiovascular insufficiency.

At concentration of creatine in a blood plasma of St. 1,6 mg of % it begins to be allocated with urine. Because hypercreatinemia and creatinuria (see) naturally are found at the progressing muscular dystrophy, these tests considered important in differential diagnosis of various diseases of muscular system. However it was established that the hypercreatinemia and a creatinuria with reduction of education and release of creatinine are observed also at a myasthenia, a myatonia and miozita. This circumstance to some extent reduces diagnostic value To. in differentiation of diseases of muscular system. Definition To. it is used for diagnosis funkts, disturbances at diseases of kidneys, is more rare than a liver.

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