CRAYFISH Alexander Ivanovich

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CRAYFISH Alexander Ivanovich

CRAYFISH Alexander Ivanovich (1902 — 1972) — the Soviet surgeon-oncologist, the member correspondent of AMH (1960).

Ended in 1926 medical f-t Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod) un-that. Worked as the surgeon. From 1932 to 1940 the employee Leningrad in-that oncology, then the Leningrad GIDUV. In 1946 protected dokt. the thesis on «Rabdomioblastoma of skeletal muscles (a histogenesis, histology, clinic)».

Professor (1949).

From 1950 to 1966 the manager. surgical department, and since 1966 the director Research in-that oncology of the prof. N. N. Petrov of M3 of the USSR. At the same time (1953 — 1970) — the department chair of oncology of the Leningrad GIDUV.

A. I. Rakov published apprx. 160 scientific works, including 2 monographs and 8 heads in the guides devoted generally to clinic and morphology of tumors of soft tissues, pretumor diseases, the principles of prevention and development of ways of early detection of cancer of lung, and also a problem of its innidiation in cervical limf. nodes. It developed the technique of operations at a carcinoma of the stomach considering a growth form and localization of a tumor; the concept of anatomic zonality and a futlyarnost is offered at onkol. operations, expediency of savings operations and their volume depending on type of a new growth are studied.

A. I. Crayfish were elected the chairman Vsesoyuznogo about-va oncologists, «Malignant new growths» at Presidium of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences were the vice-chairman of Scientific council on a complex problem; headed work on the organization onkol. the help in the Polish People's Republic (1952 — 1954), was a member of the International anticarcinogenic union and Committee of clinical classification of tumors, the member of the WHO expert advisory board, the corresponding member of Italian about-va oncologists, the honorary member of the Polish medical association, the associate editor of the International oncological magazine.

«the sign of Honour» and medals is awarded by the Orders of Lenin.

Works: Rabdomioblastoma of skeletal muscles (histology, clinic), yew., L., 1944; Malignant tumors of soft tissues of extremities and trunk, L., 1968 (sovm. from Chekharina E. A.); Radical neck operations at metastasises of cancer, JI., 1969 (sovm. with Wagner R. I.); General principles of diagnosis and early detection of malignant tumors, Vopr. onkol., t. 17, No. 1, page 3, 1971; About early diagnosis and perspectives of the combined cancer therapy of a lung, Owls. medical, No. 10, page 36, 1971.

Bibliography: A. I. Rakov (To the 70 anniversary since birth), Vopr. onkol., t. 18, No. 2, page 103, 197,2; A. I. Cancers, in the same place, t. 19, L' 1, page 123, 1973.

R. A. Melnikov.