CRAIG Charlz

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CRAIG Charlz (Craig Charles Franklin, 1872 — 1950) — the American parasitologist.

CRAIG Charlz

In 1894 ended Yale un-t. In 1898 — 1931 it did military service, worked in hospitals of various districts of the USA, at the Philippine and Hawaiian islands.

In 1931 — 1937 the director of the department of tropical medicine in Tulane.

Ch. Craig published St. 220 works on questions of parasitology, in particular on pathogenic protozoa and the diseases caused by them: to malaria, trypanosomiasis, leushmaniosis, to an amebiasis, helminthoses (ankilostomidoza, filariases, etc.), to various questions of bacteriology and virology (tuberculosis, brucellosis, plague, dengue). In 1907 he together with Ashbern (R. M. of Ashburn) found out that the activator dengue (see) passes through bacterial filters, and also pointed (1945) to emergence of artificial immunity at a visceral leushmaniosis.

Ch. Craig together with Faust (E. Faust) is the author of the monograph on a lab. to diagnostic methods of protozoan diseases and the managements on a wedge, parasitology, a cut left several editions.

Works: The malarial fevers, haemoglobinuric fever and the blood Protozoa of man, N. Y., 1909; The parasitic amoebae of man, Philadelphia — L., 1911; A manual of parasitic Protozoa of man, Philadelphia — L., 1926; The etiology, diagnosis and treatment of amebiasis, Baltimore, 1944.

Bibliography: Bass C. C. Charles Franklin Craig, fifty years of work and service in tropical medicine, Amer. J. trop. Med., v 1 p 5 1952