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CRACKS. (rhagades, synonym: rimae, fissurae) — the linear anguishes of fabric (skin, a mucous membrane) arising owing to its excess tension at excessive dryness or loss of elasticity at howling fell itelny infiltration.

Distinguish superficial and deep T. Superficial T. are localized within epidermis (or an epithelium), from them serous liquid is emitted, healing happens by epithelization without formation of a hem (e.g., at eczema, neurodermatitis, a perleche). Deep T. take epidermis and actually a derma or all thickness of a mucous membrane. From them serous and bloody liquid is emitted, they quite often bleed, are painful, heal a hem. So, e.g., on site radiarny deep T. around a mouth the children having early inborn syphilis (see) for the rest of life have radiant hems (Robinson's hems — Fournier).

T. are usually formed in the field of natural folds (in corners of a mouth, behind auricles, in interdigital, inguinofemoral, mezhjyago-dichny folds) or on the places which are exposed to traumatization, stretching (to a palm, soles, joints, etc.).

Deep T. in some cases accept hron. current, e.g. T. lips, interdigital T., and also an anus that can be connected with infection with their piogenic bacteria, pathogenic fungi. At long existence the malignancy, napr, deep T is possible. lips.

T. an anus — are described in the article Anus (see).

T. nipples — cm. Mammary gland. Bibliography: Vladimirov V. V. and

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