COUSINS Mikhail Ilyich

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COUSINS Mikhail Ilyich (sort. in 1916) — the Soviet surgeon, the academician of AMH (1975), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1967), member correspondent. French academy of medicine (1974). Member of the CPSU.

COUSINS Mikhail Ilyich

In 1940 ended VMA and it was left the graduated in a military academy at department of the field surgery directed by H. N. Elansky.

During the Great Patriotic War of 1941 — 1945 worked as the surgeon of medical battalion, the leading surgeon of HPPG, evakogospitalya. After war ended a graduate military course of BMA (1949), and then doctoral studies of the military f-that TsIU in Moscow. In 1954 protected dokt, the thesis on a subject about a syndrome of long crush, traumatic toxicosis. Since 1957 consistently the associate professor, the prof. of department (since 1959), and since 1964 the department chair of faculty surgery and at the same time the dean to lay down. f-that (1960 — 1963), rector of the 1st MMI (1965 — 1974); since 1976 the director Ying-that surgeries of A. V. Vishnevsky of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

M. I. Kuzin published St. 300 scientific works, including 10 monographs. Among works on field surgery the monograph «Clinic, Pathogeny and Treatment of a Syndrome of Long Crush» (1959) is one of first-ever and the USSR's first fundamental work on this question. M. I. Kuzin together with employees developed questions of an electroanesthesia and published the first-ever monograph about this method of anesthesia (1966). A number of its works is devoted to questions of anesthesiology, a pathogeny and the principles of treatment generalized myasthenias (see), pathophysiology of surgical diseases, treatment of a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, angiology, thoracic and purulent surgery.

Under its management it is prepared and protected apprx. 70 theses, including 17 doctor's.

M. I. Kuzin is the vice-president of XXV (Barcelona, 1975) and XXVII (1977, Kyoto) the international congresses of surgeons, the member of the International scientific committee (1971), International about-va surgeons, the vice chairman of the board Vsesoyuznogo about-va surgeons (1974), the chairman Moscow about-va surgeons (1976). «The general surgery» in BME consists the editor of a redotdel.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the October Revolution, the Battle and Labour Red Flag, Patriotic war, the Red Star (two) and medals.

Works: Clinic, pathogeny and treatment of a syndrome of long crush, M., 1959; An electroanaesthesia in surgeries, Tashkent, 1966 (sovm, with other); Remedial gymnastics in surgery of lungs, M., 1967 (sovm, with other); The Steroid anesthesia, M., 1969 (sovm, from Osipova N. A.); Ways of improvement of results of surgical cancer therapy of a lung, Tashkent, 1971 (sovm, with other); The Neuroleptanalgesia in surgery, M., 1976 (sovm, with other); The Acute empyema of a pleura, Tashkent, 1976 (sovm, with other); Diffuse purulent peritonitis and an acute renal failure, Tashkent, 1978 (sovm, with other).

Bibliography: Mikhail Ilyich Kuzin (To the 60 anniversary since birth), Surgery, No. 11, page 3, 1976.

O. S. Shkrob.