COUSINS Alexander Mikhaylovich

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COUSINS Alexander Mikhaylovich (sort. in 1906) — the Soviet biochemist, the radio biologist, professor (1939), the member correspondent of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1960), the doctor of honoris causa of Lidsky un-that (1962). The member of the CPSU since 1946.

COUSINS Alexander Mikhaylovich

In 1929 ended 1 Moscow un-t. In 1930 — 1938 worked in the 1st MMI. From 1939 to 1951 the department chair of biochemistry and at the same time the deputy director on educational and scientific work of the 3rd MMI. In 1952 — 1957 the director, then the manager. department of radiobiology Ying-that biophysics of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. At the same time hl. the editor of the Biofizika magazine (till 1961), and then the Radiobiologiya magazine.

A. M. Kuzin published St. 400 scientific works, including 11 monographs and 3 textbooks. Its main works are devoted to researches in the field of biochemistry and molecular radiobiology. In particular, A. M. Kuzin opened property of endiolny groups and amino acids to catalyze condensation of aldehydes and for the first time formulated a hypothesis of a role of endiolny forms of monoses in synthesis of sugars (1940), and also investigated a role polisakharidny components in structure of antigens of various blood groups and pathogenic microorganisms. It published one of the first guides to chemistry and biochemistry of pathogenic microbes and a number of works about specific polysaccharides of animal and vegetable organisms. In 1959 he opened that in the irradiated vegetable and animal fabrics biologically active agents (radio-toxins) are formed, investigated their properties and a role in development of radiation defeat and a promoting effect of small ionizing radiation doses. Are carried out by him physical. - chemical researches of beam damages of supermolecular structures of chromatin, biocell membranes and its kernel; the role of repariruyushchy enzymes in formation of radiation effects is studied. A. M. Kuzin created the structural and metabolic theory in radiobiology which is a theoretical basis of search of radio protective agents. A. M. Kuzin studies also opportunities and mechanisms of preseeding gamma irradiation of seeds and implements this method in practice of agriculture.

Under its management the St. 60 theses, including 10 doctor's are prepared.

And. M. Kuzin consists the member of the Soviet committee of defense of peace, represents the Soviet Union in Scientific committee on action of atomic radiation at the UN. It is awarded by awards of the Labour Red Banner (three) and medals.

Works: Organic catalysts at synthesis of sugars, M., 1940; Chemistry and biochemistry of pathogenic microbes, M., 1946; What nuclear explosions, M., threaten 1959 mankind with; Radiation biochemistry, M., 1962; General biochemistry, M., 1969; The Structural and metabolic hypothesis in radiobiology, M., 1970; Molecular radiobiology of a cellular kernel, M., 1973; The Promoting effect of ionizing radiation on biological processes, M., 1977.

I. G. Akoyev.