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COUNTEROPENING (Latin contra against + apertura an opening; synonym counteropening) — the additional section made for the purpose of improvement of outflow outside of liquid (pus, blood, exudate, etc.) from perigastriums, the opened abscess, a deep wound. Thus, production To. is one of methods drainage (see). Imposing To. it is shown when through the main section it is impossible to provide rather full emptying of the drained cavity (the big sizes of a purulent cavity, its difficult configuration, existence of zatek, a high arrangement of a section in relation to a bottom of a cavity etc.).

To. usually impose during the opening of abscess and phlegmon of the big sizes, an extensive hematoma, and also at operations on bodies of belly and chest cavities for prevention of accumulation of liquid in them (blood, exudate) and its subsequent infection. To. are made respectively to the most low located site of the drained cavity taking into account situation, a cut the patient in a bed in the postoperative period will borrow. Number K. depends on the size of the drained cavity, its location and a configuration, and also on quantity and character of ottekayemy liquid. In size K., as a rule, happens less than the main operational section. For the best drainage through To. gauze or rubber drainages or drainage tubes through which it is possible to pour in solutions of antiseptic agents, antibiotics and proteolytic enzymes for bystreyshy clarification of the opened and drained purulent cavity can be entered into a cavity, and also to make active aspiration of contents of a cavity (see. Aspiration drainage ). After removal of a drainage a wound from To. heals second intention or according to indications on it impose secondary seams (see).

I. D. Kanorsky.