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COUNCIL OF MEDICAL BOARDS — the highest medical operating controls at Council of People's Commissars of RSFSR. It is founded on January 24, 1918 by the decree of SNK RSFSR signed by V. I. Lenin. The chairman S. of century to. there was A. N. Vinokurov, the deputy — B. M. Bonch-Bruyevich (Velichkina); I. V. Rusakov, C were its part. I. Mickiewicz, E. P. Pervukhin, N. A. Semashko, 3. P. Solovyov, N. A. Kost, A. I. Artemenko, M. I. Barsukov, S.Yu. Bagotsky, I. S. Weger, M. G. Vecheslov, M. V. Golovinsky, A. P. Golubkov, B. S. Veysbrod. Having combined efforts of the medical boards organized in various departments (see. Medical board ), S. century to. carried out work on fight against sabotage of medics, on the organization local medical - a dignity. departments, to strengthening dignity. affairs and fight against epidemics. Together with a number of the Soviet organizations and the public organized in February — March, 1918 medical ensuring fighting of Red Army in fights with the German interventionists. Issued the News of the Soviet Medicine magazine (to No. 6).

Page of century to. supported activity Ying-that experimental medicine and took the first steps for involvement of scientists to cooperation with bodies of Soviet health care (see). At S. century to. the commissions on fight against tuberculosis were formed (the chairman 3. G1. Nightingales), veins. diseases (chairman I. S. Weger), psychological diseases (chairman P. P. Kashchenko), anti-epidemic (chairman D. K. Zabolotny) with participation of outstanding scientists of Petrograd and Moscow. Page of century to. carried out preparatory work for creation of Academic medical council (see) at Narkomzdrava by RSFSR (began the activity in August, 1918), prepared convocation of the I All-Russian congress of medical and sanitary departments (see), to-ry took place on June 15 — 18, 1918, and according to the decision of a congress, developed and Narkomzdrava sent to SNK RSFSR on June 26, 1918 the report and the draft of the decree about creation to RSFSR. With education Narkomzdrava II Council of medical boards stopped July, 1918 the activity.

Bibliography: M. I badgers. Great October socialist revolution and organization of the Soviet health care, page 103, M., 1951.

M. I. Barsukov.